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President Obama Ushering In World Peace, Corporate Media Shrugs

This is a big deal:

Geneva — Iran and six world powers reached a breakthrough agreement early on Sunday to curb Tehran’s nuclear program in exchange for limited sanctions relief, in a first step towards resolving a dangerous decade-old standoff.

The deal between the Islamic state and the United States, France, Germany, Britain, China and Russia was nailed down after more than four days of negotiations.

The White House Fact Sheet reads like the foreign policy triumph for the ages that it is.

When reached for comment, Republicans, bona fide warmongers and their useful idiots in the eye-rolling mainstream press determined that this is already just another failure of leadership and desperation by a lame-duck president still trying to distance himself from his only real achievement: Landmark healthcare insurance reform– which has since been forever and ever deemed a colossal failure because the American media, still obsessed with pretending that Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush weren’t paranoid, smiling psychopathic mass-murderers and race-baiters-at-heart say so.

Republican leaders all but declared “The American people deserve the highest standards in fake, saber-rattling leadership and clandestine bloodshed and this sort of tangible progress and success is not what the American people and mainstream press are accustomed to!”

After decades of aiding and abetting Republican policies that made trading arms for hostages to fund Right wing death squads in Central America an act of free-market peacekeeping, or propping up a brutal dictator in Saddam Hussein with all manner of chemical weapons to kill millions of Iranians and Iraqis and calling it “leadership,” to all non-sadists and peace-lovers alike, this is another ‘big fucking deal’ for an administration that keeps on making history, while the aristocrat choir sings songs of division and manufactured dissent.

For the sake of downplaying this administration’s direct role in all this, corporate media headlines today might read: “Victory For World Powers.”

But make no mistake. This is another win and another huge “first” in a long line of firsts for the Obama administration which just keeps moving us forward despite the nagging fat asses of soft-racism slowing us up to complain the whole way about the alleged lies and tyrannical policies that brought them better health insurance, record DOW and S&P, reduced deficit, stable gas prices, less nukes, financial sector accountability, saved the U.S. auto industry, blah, blah, blah.

The president earned every bit of his Nobel Peace Prize this weekend, which should drive his buffoonish critics to new lows to explain away his mastery of presidential politics on the world stage.

You’ve never seen anything like this before, America. ‘Hope and Change’ are alive and well, despite the best efforts of saboteurs and the cynics to see it destroyed.

This is exactly why we elected Barack Obama.

  • D_C_Wilson

    Like with Syria, Obama has managed to make a deal with international support for an oppressive regime to halt its production of weapons of mass destruction without risking American lives or firing a single shot. Naturally, wingnut heads all over the country are exploding.

  • Victor_the_Crab

    This is exactly why we elected Barack Obama.

  • LTanya Spearman

    So let see, Syria — No War, Libya — No US death during operation; Iran — A Deal Reach;
    OBL — At The Bottom of the Sea; Dow ^ 16,010.77; S&P 500 — Over 1800; ACA — Going & Saving Lives; 7.8 Million Jobs in 44 Months…
    Zbigniew Brezezinski @zig
    Obama/Kerry = Best policy team since Bush I /Jim Baker. Congress is finally becoming embarrassed by Netanyahu’s efforts to dictate US policy…
    William J Hague:
    Will meet John Kerry in London today to discuss steps to implement the #Iran Deal & to make progress on Syria…
    Israeli Investors: Israeli Market:
    Tel Aviv stock hit ‘All Time Record’ after Geneva nuclear deal. By noon The Te Aviv 25 index rose to 1,354, surpassing its previous record. Investors says Iran deal not a mistake..
    Pres. Rouhani says we have the political will to reach a comprehensive deal in 6 months ..
    That 3am phone call?
    Who knew it would be @ 3am Geneva time?
    Well done Mr. President!!!!

  • muselet

    The agreement is a big deal. It’s a tiny, baby-step move toward rapprochement with Iran, it reduces uncertainty about Iran’s nuclear program, it (however minimally) reduces tension in the Middle East, and it seems to be reasonably enforceable.

    No wonder the Rs are—to use Bob’s colorful turn of phrase—crapping their cages over this.

    As for “corporate media headlines,” I do hate to be That Guy, but …

    Headline on A1 of the Daily Fishwrap:

    Iran, U.S, [sic] others OK nuclear agreement

    The story, taken from the Washington POS, first mentions John Kerry (“… U.S. Secretary of State and other foreign ministers …”) in paragraph 2, the Obama Administration in paragraph 8.

    Headline on A1 of the LA Dog Trainer:

    Iran agrees to nuclear limits

    The US is first mentioned in paragraph 3 (“The deal could ease the threat of war and reduce tension between the U.S. and Iran …”), Barack Obama in paragraph 4 (quoting his statement from last night), and John Kerry in paragraph 8. Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javat Zarif is quoted in paragraph 6.

    So, according to these two august news outlets, this is important news about Iran—and by the way, the US may have been involved somehow, but let’s see what the Rs have to say.

    Liberal media, my arse.

    (Before anyone jumps on me, yes, it was indeed a multinational deal. However, given the history of miserable relations between Iran and the US, the US’s role in the negotiations shouldn’t be relegated to an afterthought in news coverage, to be detailed after quoting the ridiculous John Cornyn and the perennially-apoplectic Benjamin Netanyahu.)


  • This president is everything I’ve ever believed him to be, and I really hope that historians give him due credit for all that he is and has done in the face of overwhelming and unparalleled opposition from both the traitorous, scheming, sociopathic Republicans, and the fucking stupid emoprogs.

    Well said, Brink, as always.

    • Scopedog

      He’s done a fantastic job _despite_ the opposition from the out-of-their-damned minds GOP and the nothing-is-ever-good-enough-for-us Emoprogs.

  • Craig Moffitt

    The first rule of journalism during the age of Obama, there is no good news for or involving the actions or accomplishments of President Barack H. Obama. The good news is that all this will change when the corporate press tries recast him as a conservative and whatever is the equivalent of the emogressive blogosphere is demanding to know why the current liberal president cannot be more like him.

  • Lady Willpower

    Hear, hear.
    This is the best thing you’ve ever written, Brink.

    • Badgerite

      Truly. This is EXACTLY why we elected him. And still support him. Because of these kinds of achievements. Because of this kind of change. Great news. Great post. Thanks.

  • A Facebook friend posted this last night:

    This just in:

    CBS News: Nuclear deal reached between Iran 6 powers
    FOX News: FIX FALLS FLAT? States reject president’s ObamaCare proposal

    • Churchlady320

      I am SO relieved FOX stuck with their story. I could not bear to think they were actually growing up.