Sarah Palin

President Obama's Prior Nuclear Experience

Sarah Palin responded today to the president's criticism that she has ZERO experience dealing with nuclear weapons and non-proliferation. Which is true. She can no sooner tell us what "non-proliferation" means than she can pronounce it. Unless, that is, Putin's face rose above Wasilla requiring her to nuke the shit out of it -- and we just don't know about it.

Anyway, Palin's response has been to suggest that the president also didn't have nooklooler experience because, you know, he was a community organizer (your Southern Strategy Cheat Sheet: she's really saying he's a lazy black man from the 'hood.)

But in addition to not even being able to properly pronounce "nuclear," Sarah Palin is wrong. Like always.

The president, before becoming president, was responsible for this:

Lugar-Obama Signed into Law
Thursday, January 11, 2007

President Bush today signed the Lugar-Obama proliferation and threat reduction initiative into law.

Authored by U.S. Sens. Dick Lugar (R-IN) and Barack Obama (D-IL), the Lugar-Obama initiative expands U.S. cooperation to destroy conventional weapons. It also expands the State Department’s ability to detect and interdict weapons and materials of mass destruction.

WMD. That'd be loose nukes, Palin. Loose nukes. Now take your recycled, hackish race-baiting bumper stickers and your screechy smarmy delivery and piss off.

Via my radio pal Elvis Dingeldein