• mrbrink

    Congress did something!

    I was listening to Bernie Sanders on Thom Hartmann today say that this should have an immediate positive impact on the economy.

    I’m always suspicious when Republicans do anything. They poison their own water supply, for fuck’s sake.

    • JMAshby

      You’re right, but if they didn’t pass something today they A) might miss recess and B) jobs would be lost, rates would double, and they would be blamed for it.

      Mostly A was the primary concern though. Congess will pass anything if their recess time is threatened.

      • mrbrink

        Recess saves recession!

        Say lunch!

    • Gee, all those folks who were filling my inbox with screaming threats about how Obama was going to SELL US OUT!!!! on the Keystone pipeline seem awfully quiet about this. Maybe it’s hard to type and eat crow at the same time.