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(Cartoonist - Nick Anderson)

In other news, former employees of Cambridge Analytica are now working with Trump's 2020 reelection campaign according to the Associated Press. Of course they are.

Meanwhile, the Trump regime has now separated nearly 2,000 children from their parents at the border over just a six week period.

And in closely related news, private contractors are raking in million of dollars to facilitate Trump's separation of children from their families.

Here are some other stories I didn't get to this week:

Exelon Corp CEO Chris Crane, who oversees the nation's largest nuclear power company, opposes Trump's plan to bail out coal and nuclear power plants due for retirement.

Trump reportedly privately told French President Emmanuel Macron that the European Union is actually worse on trade policy than China. Because nothing matters.

A spokesman for Time Warner tore into the Trump regime after winning approval for their merger with AT&T in court.

"The Court's resounding rejection of the government's arguments is confirmation that this was a case that was baseless, political in its motivation and should never have been brought in the first place," Ginsberg said.

Volkswagen has been fined $1.18 billion by German prosecutors for installing devices and software to cheat on emissions tests.

Scientists at Harvard say the Trump regime's war on environmental regulation could lead to 80,000 preventable deaths per decade.

Some House Republicans are now asking the Justice Departments for unedited copies of the inspector general's report on FBI conduct. They'll never stop fucking that chicken.

Comedian Michelle Wolf says she couldn't get out of D.C. fast enough after her performance at the White House Correspondents Dinner because everyone there was a brown-nosing insider.

Was it awkward calling Huckabee Sanders a liar when she was seated just feet away, cameras trained on her reaction? “No!” Wolf says, batting her hand away and laughing. “It was gross! Like, I saw Jeff Zucker hugging Kellyanne Conway, and it was just like, Oh! You’re all in this together! People are really getting hurt, and you guys are just celebrating your money. It’s all a game, nothing more than ‘How will we best profit off of this?’ It was icky.”

White House legislative affairs director Marc Short is reportedly planning to resign at some point this summer. That's probably a good idea considering that he's accomplished virtually nothing.

Federal prosecutors are investigating if Trump's fixer Michael Cohen illegally lobbied for his clients without being registered as a lobbyist. That seems obvious.

Finally, Mick Mulvaney has apparently spent a small amount of taxpayer money erecting a shrine to himself.

$198.50: A copy of Politico magazine

Though the OMB declined to comment for this article, the framed Politico paraphernalia is almost certainly the Friday cover dated Sept. 1, 2017, which features Mulvaney’s mug for a profile titled “Mick the Knife." [...]

$198.50: A Rush Limbaugh newsletter

Though the newsletter (framed cost: $198.50) features a glowing interview between Limbaugh and Mulvaney, the rest of it consists of some de rigeur dumping on the media. Limbaugh accuses The New York Times of peddling “some of the most irresponsible garbage imaginable” and serving as a “proud sponsor of the Trump assassination performances.” [...]

$138.00: A clipping of The New York Times

Mulvaney spent $138 to have a story from the Nov. 26, 2017, edition of The New York Times set against a gray mat beneath UV-protected glass in a concave-lipped black frame. The Times was apparently not fake news that day.

This was one of the best things I read this week

Have a good weekend and happy Father's Day.

  • katanahamon

    Didja see the cartoonist for the Pittsburgh paper was fired just after another of Rump’s assaults on the free press?

  • The Time Warner spokesman is full of shit. I know a little bit about the Antitrust Division and they do not bring cases based on political considerations. If they thought there was an antitrust case to be made, there was.

    The fact that Hair Furor opened his stupid gob about this deal was NOT the reason they sued to stop the deal. We’re all worse off for these consolidations.

  • Aynwrong

    Zucker giving Conway a hug is hardly shocking when you remember that Zucker gave Trump The Apprentice. Liberal media my ass.

    Michelle Wolfe just gave us a good example of something we desperately need more of. Not merely criticism of the media and it’s pundits, but their bosses. Go after the ones making the decisions. I’d love it if that were to become the standard part of a liberal comedian’s routine the way Jon Stewart made tearing Fox a new one every night.

    You’d think they would at least spend their own money vainglorious nick nacks. You’d be wrong. They’re all so petty.

    Happy Friday everyone.

    • Victor the Crab

      No one should be shocked by all this. Jeff Zucker is, and always will be, an appalling excuse of a human being.

  • muselet


    • Watching two fat cats searching for treats is oddly soothing. Of course, watching paint dry is soothing in these troubled times. Somewhat related, we just got two cats from a local no kill shelter–Mouse and Lottie. They are my “sanity savers”.

      • muselet

        I thought a little Maru and Hana would be a good antidote to last week’s madness. Cats is weird, but they’re saner than we are (at times).

        Congrats on being adopted by the furballs.