Putting Them in Their Place

New polls out today show Newt Gingrich leading Romney 34 percent to 28 percent in South Carolina and, while Mitt's shady financial record has probably eroded his support, it's possible the majority of the credit for this latest surge is owed to the southern strategy.

During the previous GOP debate, Fox News contributor Juan Williams confronted Gingrich over this comments on food stamps which Williams described as offensive to black people. Gingrich dismissed Williams' concerns and reiterated his position that black people need to learn how to work and demand paychecks instead of food stamps.

The following day a Gingrich supporter thanked Newt for putting Juan Williams "in his place," which you can see here.

Woman: I would like to thank you for putting mister Juan Williams in his place the other night. His supposed question was totally ludicrous, and we support you.

Gingrich: Thank you very much.

As Chris Matthews said, we're just a hair away from "uppity."

Considering the reaction in the debate audience at the time of Juan Williams' question, and the general reaction throughout the entire debate concerning foreigners and minorities, there isn't much doubt in my mind that Newt's newly found success is a direct result of his racist dog-whistling.

  • I love the picture – Newt reminds me of a newt looking at a fly.

  • i_a_c

    I saw that on Hardball and felt like I needed to take a shower.

  • trgahan

    Gingrich seems determined to prove he can beat Romney. I wonder if he wins SC primary, he’ll be satisfied and the RNC will tell him to back off. I can’t see how turning the 2012 general election on race issues would do anything but lead to huge GOP loses.

  • ABL

    a hair away? we passed uppity a long time ago.

    what i read is “thank you for putting that n—- Juan Williams in his place…”

    racism, FTW!

    • incredulous72


      Uppity=Elitist. “Putting him in his place”=reconstruction era freedman behaving like a dare I say . . . free man.

      Like I’ve stated before, this plays exceptionally well in South Carolina where they’ve never gotten over losing the Civil War, Lincoln freeing the slaves and black folks, given the proper educational tools, being just as smart and competent as white folks are.

      southern strategy at its most disgusting (or finest, depending on what side of the fence you’re on).

    • muselet


      What probably made that woman feel all tingly was Gingrich’s smirk when he blew his dog-whistle. (Just a reminder, Mr. Gingrich, if you’re reading this: it’s not really a dog-whistle when we can all hear it).

      As John Crichton famously said, “What is wrong with you people?”


      • Alo, I get all tingly (intellectually speaking of course) when you quote Farscape. ;). I referred to that in a recent blog post, re-worded as “What is wrong with THOSE people?” except in the reverse sentiment because THOSE people are the ones ABL refers to above…the uppity colored ones. And you know what’s saddest of all? that so many people in SC do not understand that what he is saying is racist. I know some get it but I’d wager that many just don’t. It just boggles…

        • muselet

          I’d argue that only a small, dim minority doesn’t understand that Gingrich was saying something racist. Most of the people cheering lustily for him were doing so because what he said was racist. Perhaps I’m being too cynical …

          And I don’t think the tingle that woman was getting was intellectual, IYKWIM.

          • You’re probably right….it probably is a minority that base their approval on ignorance. And I pretty much figured her tingle wasn’t intellectual, hence my joke, professor serious. 😉

          • muselet

            *sigh* This is why I shouldn’t do comedy: I step all over punch lines.

            “Comedy is the hard one.” –Joss Whedon


          • LOL It’s ALL good!