Election 2012

Quote of the Morning

"How do we pool resources at the same time as we decentralize delivery systems in ways that both foster competition, can work in the marketplace, and can foster innovation at the local level and can be tailored to particular communities." Barack Obama in 1998

Romney and Fox News Channel cut this part out of the "redistributionist" video from 1998. The above line was immediately preceded by:

"I think the trick is figuring out how do we structure government systems that pool resources and hence facilitate some redistribution because I actually believe in redistribution, at least at a certain level to make sure that everybody's got a shot."

Once again, Barack Obama the pragmatist -- the side of this president you'll never hear extremists on the far-right talk about.

  • GrafZeppelin127

    I’m still somewhat struck by how pathetically feeble the whole “Look! He’s got a tape too! Where he says things! See?!!? See?!?!!” thing has been. Really? That’s their response?

    This is what happens when you’re living in, and running a campaign out of, a paracosm. You start to think the entire electorate is Rush Limbaugh’s audience, and treat it as such.

    Even the truncated “redistribution” quote wouldn’t rile up anyone who’s not already marinating in that stew pot, any more than the “spread the wealth around” comment to Not-Joe the Non-Plumber riled anyone else up four years ago. The rest of us know what “redistribution” means for the real world, and recognize that everyone “believes in” it.

    Of course, the additional context provided here is not the least bit surprising; every screaming-viral-freakout Obama quote the paracosm latches onto to “prove” their fantasies about him always turns out to be accompanied by additional language that, if not flatly contradicting it, renders their reading of the selected quote completely unreasonable and ridiculous.

    • KABoink_after_wingnut_hacker

      Let’s not forget these fools based their entire convention slogan on a truncated statement by the President, that to any thinking person who can read knows, was totally taken out of context.
      You have to admit; Republicans know their shrinking base and are determined to keep them stupid and scared.

      • GrafZeppelin127

        It seems strange to me, but I’m really starting to think that the GOP truly is no longer interested in talking to anyone not already inside the paracosm. I don’t think they’re even trying anymore. They’re so fully-ensconced inside that alternate universe that their convention, their speeches, their campaign ads, etc. are directed only at themselves. They’re saying things that only a committed GOP fan would believe, accept, understand, or be motivated by.

        • KABoink_after_wingnut_hacker

          Agreed Graf. I can’t name a new demographic group that they have added to their ranks in the last four election cycles.
          They’re destined for Whig Party status the way they are headed IMHO.

        • MrDHalen

          This election cycle is showing me something that I suspected, but was not sure about; the Republican Party is almost done on a national level. This is probably their last chance at a national presidential election win in their current ideological form.

          If Obama wins this election and his Democratic successor is say, a white male, the Republicans in current form will have no chance at winning. The only thing giving them a swinger’s chance in this election is racism and white resentment.

  • I am sick and tired of this “Breitbart cut and slash” type reporting from Fox. The Dems are much more intelligent people than Republicans and this kind of crap will no longer fly. The Republicans continue to dig a deeper and deeper hole for their idiot candidate, Romney, and what they miss, Romney digs for himself.

    • I agree, to us and to Independents, I think they are digging the hole deeper. But I think what it says about the Fourth Estate is a much bigger and systemic problem. Similar to when O’Keefe’s POS lying Acorn video was released and treated as serious journalism. It’s just another sign of how shitty journalism has become.

  • RilesSD

    OH, of course. Nothing, NOTHING that they have tried to throw at Obama has ever stuck.

    I normally avoid these things, but I’m in the middle of a huge FB debate about the election and the “redistribution” quote was brought up yesterday. I just posted the full quote and am waiting for the response. Also, thanks Bob for your “are we better off than 4 years ago” post on the Banter. I used quite a bit of that info.