Race and the Sunday Shows

If you missed the Sunday shows today, you missed some of the most disingenuous performances from the resident conservatives who refused to admit that race is a factor in attacks against the president.

Fact: most Republicans, and most of the corporate press, listens to or monitors highlights of the Rush Limbaugh show. So they would have to know that just the other day, Limbaugh said that in "Obama's America" school buses must be segregated in order to protect the white kids from the violent black kids.

That's just one example of many from the de facto leader of the Republican Party -- the man who Republican politicians refuse to distance themselves from.

What you heard from Noonan, Will, Gillespie and Roger Simon this morning about race was utter horseshit.

Adding... Peggy Noonan was at the top of her passive aggressive condescending game. Bravo. Referring to the president as "boorish" in her trademark insufferable hushed tone doesn't make her "graceful" or "civil" -- it just makes her look ridiculous, since she clearly doesn't know what "boorish" means.