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Racist Crackpot Curt Schilling Wants to Challenge Elizabeth Warren

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

Former baseball player and ESPN pundit Curt Schilling announced yesterday that he will challenge Senator Elizabeth Warren in 2018, meaning Democrats can rest easy knowing that seat is safe.

"I've made my decision, I'm going to run," he said. "But I have to talk to Shonda, my wife, and ultimately it's going to come down to how her and I feel this would affect our marriage and our kids."

Schilling took issue with Warren opposing a November ballot question aimed at dramatically expanding the number of charter schools in Massachusetts. He said he's not scared to debate her, noting that the Red Sox defeated the Cleveland Indians when he was a player.

I don't think debating one of the smartest senators in Congress is in any way comparable to defeating the Cleveland Indians, but Schilling is a moron so, whatever. Sure.

As you know, Schilling founded a video game studio after he retired from baseball and then promptly drove the company into the ground after receiving a massive loan from the state of Rhode Island. Schilling misled the state government by promising more than he could deliver and state taxpayers ended up with the bill.

Schilling was also fired by ESPN because he refused to stop posting racist, Islamophobic, transphobic and misogynistic memes on Twitter and Facebook.

Of course, by saying the decision is ultimately up to his wife, Schilling has left himself an escape hatch to retreat from this losing battle.


  • Christopher Foxx

    “I’ve made my decision, I’m going to run,” he said. “But I have to talk to Shonda, my wife, and ultimately it’s going to come down to how her and I feel this would affect our marriage and our kids.”

    “I’ve made my decision. But not really.”

    Yup. Sounds like he’s ready to be a leader.

  • Aynwrong

    Is this really all it takes to enter Republican politics at this level anymore?

    Celebrity Status + Racist Asshole Personality?!

    Elizabeth Warren is a brilliantly qualified woman for the Senate and yet this would be the second time in a row she would have to face down an incompetent babbling jackass with no knowledge of actual governance or legislation. Exactly like the presidential race.

    It Schilling runs, get ready to hear war whoops and “Pocahontas!”

  • fry1laurie

    But 100% of Curt Schilling is an asshole.

  • Toolymegapoopoo

    Schilling went on FOX Business last week wearing a football jersey and a worn out baseball cap. At least Donald knows to wear a suit. Schilling talks and Tweets like he wants to be Ted Nugent. Unfortunately, he won’t even be the GOP nominee for Senate. Wait, considering it is my home state, maybe that is fortunate. Sometimes it feels like Mass is the last bastion of moderate Republicans.

  • muselet

    It looks like Charlie Pierce will get his Christmas wish. (My favorite line, in response to Curt Schilling’s statement about the Cleveland Indians: Actually, you haven’t beaten “the real ones,” you dope. Mike Hargrove was not a “real one.” Sitting Bull was.)

    Semi-seriously, Pierce suggests “a Schilling run would be a good test case to see if Trumpism survives Trump, since Curt is just Donald without the nuance,” which sounds right to me.

    Schilling is a blockhead, which makes it less likely he’d defeat Elizabeth Warren, but strange things have happened in American politics (Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Senator Scott Brown, President Ronald Reagan). Don’t get happy, Massachusetts Ds: Curt Schilling has two whole years to get housebroken.


    • Draxiar

      Well I won’t be voting for him! Schilling will get votes only because he helped the Sox win the World Series in 2004…not because of any policy positions. Elizabeth Warren is every bit as beloved as Ted Kennedy and John Kerry was/is (and not nearly as lazy as Maura Coakley at running a campaign). It’s almost not even a possibility that she’d lose to Schilling. And yet…don’t get happy my Massachusetts neighbors…she still needs to be voted in.