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Rampaging Doofus Paul LePage Schools Donald Trump on Discipline

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

If there's anyone in the world Donald Trump can easily relate to, it may be Maine Governor Paul LePage.

Both men have a habit of blurting out racist, nonsensical things, but we live in a world where LePage may actually be more disciplined than the Republican presidential nominee.

LePage is best known for declaring that black drug dealers named D-Money and Shifty are traveling to Maine and impregnating the state's supply of young white girls, but LePage has not attacked the families of deceased veterans or disabled people, as far as we know.

LePage knows as well as anyone that your mouth can get you in trouble and, to that end, LePage says he offered a view words of advice to Trump. But try as he might, The Donald may not even understand what it means to be disciplined.

I told him one word: discipline,” LePage said on the Howie Carr Show on Thursday. “He said, ‘what do you mean?’ I said, ‘from here on out, everybody’s gonna wanna try to trip you so you better have discipline. He said, ‘oh, I get it. I get it.’”

He said, ‘what do you mean?’ That’s not a good sign Gov. LePage,” responded Carr, a prominent Trump supporter on talk radio.

To say that Howie Carr is a Trump supporter is an understatement. Carr introduced Trump before his last appearance in Maine by mocking Senator Elizabeth Warren with a whooping chant.

Even the most offensive men you can think of are concerned that the Trump candidacy is a lost cause.

In other news, protesters were booed at Trump's rally in Maine yesterday where they held up pocket copies of the Constitution.

A Muslim American may have saved us all.

  • muselet

    When Paul LePage is the voice of reason, relatively speaking, there’s a real problem.

    “I told him one word: discipline,” LePage said on the Howie Carr Show on Thursday. “He said, ‘what do you mean?’”

    Good grief.

    Donald Trump must never be elected President of the United States.


  • A Muslim American may have saved us all.

    I LOVE this.

  • Aynwrong

    Were at the point where the GOP can simply be described as the “rampaging doofus” party.

  • Dread_Pirate_Mathius

    Protesters standing silently with copies of the Constitution held high booed by @realDonaldTrump supporters

    The missus did not understand why Khan’s family thought Trump proposed Muslim ban was unconstitutional – after all, “the Constitution only applies to Americans, so if we don’t let them [Muslims] in, they’re not Americans and don’t have any 1st Amendment Constitutional rights to be violated.”

    And this is an otherwise brilliant woman.

    In the interest of our marriage, I narrowly avoided screaming BECAUSE WE ARE A SECULAR COUNTRY AND DON’T MAKE LAWS BASED ON RELIGION!! But it was a close call.

    And, again, this is an otherwise brilliant woman.

    I can only fathom the “logic” necessary to justify Trumpyness among his less astute supporters.

    • Groundloop

      You have reserves of self control that I don’t. Well done.