Rand Paul

Rand Paul Flushes $250,000 Down the Toilet

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

Senator Rand Paul has held up his end of the bargain and delivered $250,000 to the Republican party of Kentucky.

Kentucky law prohibits candidates from competing for two offices at once so Rand son of Ron persuaded the state party to hold a caucus instead of a presidential primary, enabling him to continue his campaign for the presidency and for reelection as a senator.

“The conditions have been met for the Republican Party of Kentucky to move forward with a presidential caucus in 2016,” Chairman Steve Robertson said in a statement. “We would like to thank Senator Paul for his effort and due diligence in working to ensure that Republicans across Kentucky will now have an early and relevant say in the 2016 presidential primary process.”

While Rand has delivered $250,000 to the state party, he will be required to pay another $250,000 before the March caucus.

With Rand's support in the Republican presidential primary hovering around 3 or 4 percent, you can be the judge of whether or not running for both offices at once is worth $500,000.

If it were any other campaign I would predict that they'd drop out of the race well before March, but Rand is his father's son. Rand will be the last person in the country to fully realize that he has no chance of becoming president.

  • Aynwrong

    At what point does the state GOP in Kentucky just tell Paul “No, we have our own concerns that do not include your ego & delusions?

    • KM

      Kentuckians must love their delusional world–they vote for Paul and McConnell and I read they may be trending even redder. When I visit relatives, FOX News is the only TV station playing in every business and home.

  • Toolymegapoopoo

    Speaking of Rand, I’m a little surprised there has been nothing here regarding the whole Volkswagon fiasco. I mean, shit, this is one of the worst cases of corporate deception in recent memory and should very much be pushed in the faces of the dozen “free market” idiots currently running to be the GOP fall guy next year. If a massive corporation is willing to do something as blatantly stupid as VW did with government oversight imagine what they would be willing to do without it.

    • Karen Marie

      Their reaction, if asked, would be “we don’t need no stinking regulations!” They will find a way to absolve any bad corporate actor on the basis that “unreasonable regulation forced them to cheat to stay competitive.”

      • Toolymegapoopoo

        So basically the definition of insanity. Throughout history there are infinite examples of what horrible crimes businesses are capable of when they are unregulated…but next time is going to be different! Hard to argue with that logic.

  • muselet


    Robertson, during an interview Friday, said only about one-fifth of the $250,000 came from Paul’s campaign, while the vast majority of this first round of donations came from donors. Paul’s campaign, Robertson said, “did exactly what I would have hoped they would do they got out and raised.”

    Rand Paul managed to con people into donating $200K toward a presidential caucus. It turns out, PT Barnum wasn’t nearly cynical enough.

    At the end of June, Paul had about $4.1 million in his presidential fund but only $1.55 million in his Senate account.

    Apparently, Kentucky Rs are concerned that Paul is pissing away his Senate seat, to which I say, “Keep running, Rand! Keep running!”


    • Aynwrong

      “PT Barnum wasn’t nearly cynical enough.”

      There’s a sucker born every minute second?

      • Christopher Foxx

        There’s a sucker born every minute second?

        Well, let’s see.

        There’s about 55 million registered Republicans. With 72 million Democrats and 42 million registered independents that makes Republicans about 1/3 of the population. With about 4 million babies born annually in the US, that means 1.3 million potential Republicans each year.

        A year is around 31 million seconds so… more like a sucker born every 20 seconds or so.

        • Aynwrong

          That’s still more then one a minute.

          I WAS RIGHT!!!


          • Christopher Foxx


            58.3% right.


          • Aynwrong

            The sad part is that this means a nations stupidity is mathematically quantifiable. Which I find both comforting and horrifying.