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Rand Paul is a Moderate on Immigration? Hardly


We now have a better idea of why Rand Paul quickly exited stage right when Steve King was confronted by DREAMer activists earlier this month.

While Rand didn’t have the courage to spell out his views in public, he tells Breitbart dot com that he supports House Republican legislation that would end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

He said he believes the legislation would “go a long way” to mitigating the problem of thousands of Central American countries seeking refuse in the United States.

I’m supportive of the House bill and I think it will go a long way to fixing the problem,” Paul told, a conservative website.

This may come as a bit of a shock if you believed Rand son of Ron when he said that he has sympathy for DREAMers and that he’s actually a moderate on immigration.

Explaining his departure Wednesday during a radio interview in Iowa, Paul said, “I’ll be honest with you, I’m not interested in being filmed and berated by people who broke the law and are here illegally to try and convince me about policy. But I’ll tell you I have sympathy for the DREAM Act kids. I’m actually a moderate on immigration.”

Rand Paul is such a moderate he wants to deport them all.

During his recent trip to Guatemala Senator Paul spoke out against the president’s immigration policy quite forcefully and blamed President Obama rather than Guatemala for the conditions that led to increase migration,

“I told him, frankly, that I didn’t think the problem was in Guatemala City, but that the problem was in the White House in our country, and that the mess we’ve got at the border is frankly because of the White House’s policies,” Paul told Brietbart News in an article published Thursday. [...]

“But I think what’s happened at the border is all squarely at the president’s lap,” Paul said. “The problem and the solution aren’t in Guatemala. The problem and solution reside inside the White House.

The problem is squarely at the president’s lap?

The Los Angeles Times reported last week that at least five children who were recently deported to Honduras have been murdered.

“There are many youngsters who only three days after they’ve been deported are killed, shot by a firearm,” said Hector Hernandez, who runs the morgue in San Pedro Sula. “They return just to die.”

At least five, perhaps as many as 10, of the 42 children slain here since February had been recently deported from the U.S., Hernandez said.

Immigrants who have recently come to America, a majority of whom are less than 10-years old, have primarily done so to escape escalating violence in their home countries.

For Rand to go to Guatemala and pretend that everything in Central America is fine while denouncing his own president is ugly partisanship. It is neither moderate or sympathetic.

The solution rests inside the halls of Congress where it has slept for over a year. It was over a year ago that Senate Democrats passed a comprehensive immigration reform bill that would have dealt, once and for all, with today’s problems. But according to Rand, the real solution is to pass the pathetic bill House Republicans voted on before leaving town for the August recess; a bill aimed explicitly at deporting children.

Rand may be right that Harry Reid won’t bring the bill up for a vote, but he’s wrong about the reason why. It’s not because Democrats are vulnerable, it’s because the bill is garbage.