Rand Paul

Rand Paul on Trump’s Muslim Ban: Me Too

Republican presidential polling asterisk and fake libertarian Rand Paul says it would be a mistake to prohibit immigration based on religion but he'd also like you to know that he proposed pretty much the same thing.

"I think it’s a mistake to base immigration or moratoriums based on religion," Paul said. "But you know, I’ve called for something similar, which is a moratorium based on high risk." [...]

"And so we have examined where the high risk of terrorism comes from and it’s about 34 countries," he continued in the radio interview. "And I would put a pause on all immigration from those 34 countries.”

Not coincidentally, the list of 34 countries Rand son of Ron has envisioned consists of predominantly Muslim countries.

You say 'to-may-toe' and I say 'to-mah-toe,' but both policies would effectively achieve the same thing. With a wink and a nod, Rand Paul acknowledges this.

I don't believe France made Rand Paul's list even though the Paris attackers were French citizens.

  • Badgerite

    Remember way back when Julian Assange said that Rand, son of Ron, was the only hope for the future.

    And he did say that. I could have told him, Rand Paul is a “libertarian” only so long as he has not the power to do as he is really inclined. How many idiots whose brains were only functioning on the left side bought that load of bull, I wonder?

  • David Greenberg

    You are being way too nice to him. He is a first class shithook.

  • muselet

    So immigration moratoriums based on an individual’s religion are a mistake, but immigration moratoriums based on a nation’s predominant religion is brilliant policy. Got it.

    Rand Paul is not a serious person.


  • i_a_c

    He might get to 3% with this shameless pander!