Rand Paul

Rand Paul Probably Won’t Qualify for the Next Debate

Republican presidential polling asterisk Rand Paul apparently only has a few days to raise his poll numbers by an unfathomable amount.

via Bloomberg

To qualify for the CNN-sponsored primetime debate, candidates must average at least 3.5 percent support nationally or 4 percent in either Iowa or New Hampshire, based on major polls conducted between Oct. 29 and Dec. 13. [...]

Paul falls short on all three thresholds, but comes closest in Iowa, where he currently averages 3.5 percent support. If only one additional poll is released in each category by Sunday, Paul would need a relatively ambitious 6 percent in Iowa, 8 percent in New Hampshire or 10.5 percent nationally to qualify.

I don't see that happening in the next three days or even the next three years.

The Rand Paul campaign may be on the cusp of oblivion, but I expect to see him again in 2020 and in every election thereafter. It's a family tradition.

As you may recall, Rand Paul agreed to pay the Republican party of Kentucky $500,000 so he could run for president and for reelection as a Senator at the same time.

  • i_a_c

    And nothing of value was lost.

  • muselet

    Rand Paul isn’t running for President to burn through other people’s money, Ashby, he’s running to drive the debate.

    Or maybe just stroking his ego. It’s hard to tell, some days.

    And yes, we can expect to see him again in four years. And eight years. And twelve years. And …


  • Christopher Foxx

    The Rand Paul campaign may be on the cusp of oblivion

    As it has been since he declared.