Civil Rights Dumbassery Rand Paul

Rand Paul, the Civil Rights Hero Who Thinks the Civil Rights Act Went Too Far


Rand Paul is known for many things, chiefly among them is his belief that ending segregated lunch counters was a federal overreach and that private businesses should be allowed to discriminate.

He could hardly be described as the ‘biggest defender of minority rights in Congress,’ but that’s how he sees himself.

I don’t think there has been anybody who has been a bigger defender of minority rights in the Congress than myself, and that’s not saying others aren’t trying as well,” Paul said an in interview with Salon. “But I think you can see a history and a litany of bills that I’ve put forward to not only restore voting rights, but to try to prevent people from the tragedy of losing their employability through felony convictions and other things.”

As others have pointed out, John Lewis is still a member of Congress.

  • Badgerite

    What with the recent decision of the Roberts Court to use the ACA case to scale back the reach of the Commerce Clause in affecting state and individuals business owner behavior, it is not a reach at all that this is the ultimate goal of the the Dixiecrat wing of the GOP. The re-segregation of America.

  • JimmyAbra

    Remember…people like this believe THEY – white males – are the minority…

  • drspittle

    John Lewis’ head was bloodied after a vicious beating. Rand Paul’s hair ferret looked bloodied after McConnell spilled ketchup during a Rethuglican fund raiser/picnic/slave auction in Kenfuckedy. All three are Civil Rights heroes.

  • Victor the Crab

    Rand Paul. A hero, like MLK, in his own distorted mind. Horrifyingly, there are plenty of people who would swallow that Kool-Aid.

  • trgahan

    The privileged faux-libertarian Dudebros need a civil rights defender too!

    I mean, if no one else will pretend they are fighting for rights of “educated” professional white guys to do whatever they want whenever they want, who will….get their money?