Rand Paul Had a Fantastic Week

I wouldn't presume to know how he feels about it, but make no mistake: despite all of the chaos, I suspect that Rand Paul gained a lot of new supporters in Kentucky. And I don't quite grasp how so many otherwise smart writers can seriously author posts about how "terrible" his week has been.

He danced around the edges of declaring the Civil Rights Act to be unconstitutional. He also defended BP and demanded that it's un-American for the government to be clamping down on the company. Are you kidding? Republicans love this brand of crazy. Love it.

I would be shocked if, when the next poll from Kentucky is released, Rand Paul doesn't gain support among Kentucky Republicans. Sadly. Furthermore, I would be shocked if he didn't crank up the crazy machine once those numbers come out.

Adding... Here's the oil spill superimposed over Rand Paul's Kentucky.