Reality Check for the Polling Deniers

I've received more than a few wingnut emails about the ABC News / Washington Post poll from yesterday showing the shrinkage of the Republican Party, the popularity of the president and the overwhelming support for the public option. The gripe is that the polling sample favored Democrats. Steve Benen debunks this claim:

The latest CBS News poll found 22% identify themselves as Republicans. The latest AP poll found 21%. Ipsos/McClatchy put the number at 19%. Gallup had the highest total for the GOP, at 27%, but the Pew Forum study had it at 23%, while NBC/WSJ found 18%.

Average those together, and we find about 21% of the public are self-identified Republicans. What did the Post/ABC find? 20%.

The Wall Street Journal showed 18 percent GOP party identifications? Liberal bias!