President Obama

Reality's Pro-Obama Bias, Continued…

More good news:

President Obama called the 22-year ban on travel and immigration by HIV-positive individuals a decision "rooted in fear rather than fact" and announced the end of the rule-making process lifting the ban.

The president signed the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Treatment Extension Act of 2009 at the White House Friday and also spoke of the new rules, which have been under development more more than a year. "We are finishing the job," the president said.

To review the week:

-HIV/AIDS Treatment Extension Act
-Lifting HIV/AIDS travel ban
-Hate crimes legislation protecting LGBT citizens
-Defeated entrenched military-industrial complex on the F-18 F-22 and other programs
-First positive GDP growth since 2007
-Stimulus created or saved more than 300,000 jobs so far
-Deficit-reducing HCR bills with public option announced in both chambers of Congress
-Restored Intelligence Oversight Board powers
-Ended abstinence-only funding
-$3.5 billion for smart grid technology

In other words, just like Bush.