Really, Republicans? REALLY?

Posted by JumpyPants

Despite the fact that Obama didn't endorse Rod [expletive]ojevich for his 2002 gubernatorial run, and that A-hole-Rod didn't endorse Obama in his 2004 senate race, and further that the Governor and the Senator have no relationship of any sort - civic, political, personal - that's not going to stop the GOP from doing their level best to prove that Obama and Blago are, in fact, co-conspirators. From Politico:

Republicans, though, plan to keep the pressure on. Republican National Chairman Robert “Mike” Duncan on Tuesday said Obama’s initial response to questions about the governor was inadequate. South Carolina GOP Chairman Katon Dawson, seeking the national party post, went further. He called on Obama to release any records of discussions between his transition team and Blagojevich about Obama’s successor – citing Obama’s oft-repeated pledge for greater transparency.

And as I've pointed out already today, the media is only too happy to play along with this non-starter tall tale. The Politico article I'm quoting is entitled "Big risks for Obama in Blago scandal". Wow. "Big risks." Really? Really Ben Smith? "Risks"? Isn't it more of a "risk" to write an article about "risks" in which you don't list one single actual "risk"?

But the bottom line is: go for it, Republicans! Because unlike your scandal-plagued party faithful, Democrats actually go after the corrupt among them. Democrats didn't defend Dollar Bill Jefferson in the way your party has defended Ted Stevens, Tom DeLay, Scooter Libby, etc. ad infinitum. And as the nascent Norm Coleman-linked FBI investigation heats up, well, we'll see how you feel about the adequacy of responses then.