Red Meat Special

(Cartoonist - Pat Bagley)

In other news, the New York Times has calculated that Donald Trump has received nearly $2 billion in free media coverage at this point in the campaign. No one else is even close.

Meanwhile, infamous chalkboard prognosticator Glenn Beck is having a bit of a meltdown over John Kasich's candidacy which has interfered with God's plans for Ted Cruz.

God's plan for saving America, Beck explained, hinged upon Donald Trump winning the Republican primaries in Florida and Ohio and thereby driving both Marco Rubio and John Kasich out of the race, setting up a showdown between Cruz and Trump, at which point "Cruz turbos and the republic is saved."

God is evidently a comedian.

Finally, the next GOP presidential debate hosted by Fox News has been canceled because Donald Trump backed out of it and John Kasich followed. I doubt there will be another debate.

I have doubts that Trump will agree to any debates with Hillary Clinton. There's no way they would benefit him.

  • Aynwrong

    I can’t help but think that Kasich blew it. If he hadn’t dropped out of the Fox debate, it would have kept Ted Cruz on a stage without Drumpf and given him the opportunity to look like an adult while pointing out the fact that someone didn’t have the guts to even show up.

    Ah well…

  • Agreed, the Repub debates are over. I hadn’t really thought of the possibility that Trump might refuse to do debates with Hillary. Of course that would make him look weak and afraid, but maybe better that than ignorant and uninformed. Either way he loses.