Sarah Palin


Little Green Footballs reports on the reality of the "Ground Zero mosque":

It should be pointed out (again) that the “Ground Zero mosque” these idiots are ranting about is actually a proposed community center with an auditorium, swimming pool, and restaurants, in addition to a mosque. It would be housed in an existing 13-story building that’s two blocks away from Ground Zero and has no view of the area; there are two very big buildings in between the proposed community center and Ground Zero. Here is an embedded Google Map in which you can clearly see that the idea of this being a “Ground Zero mosque” is a ridiculous paranoid fantasy.

I wonder what wingnuts like Sarah Palin would say if anyone suggested dismantling fundamentalist churches near the site of an abortion clinic bombing. Considering how they lost their shpadoinkle when DHS released a "Right-Wing Extremism" report, I would imagine their heads would explode.

Or what if security officials began to profile white, conservative, Christian males who wanted to visit the Holocaust Museum? Or any government facilities in Oklahoma City.