Regime Change

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

(Cartoonist - Rob Rogers)

In other news, Trump's chief of staff Mark Meadows says he “can’t guarantee” there won't be a government shutdown in three weeks. A continuing resolution seems most likely. We've effectively been on one of those for 9 years or as long as the GOP has had some or total control of the government.

Meanwhile, Buzzfeed is buying out the Huffington Post, the Wall Street Journal first reported this morning. This is a pretty big deal for the whole media ecosystem.

Finally, the Trump campaign has dropped their lawsuit to block the certification of election results in Michigan because it wasn't going anywhere.

In a court filing Thursday morning, a lawyer for the Trump campaign said the lawsuit, which had sought to stop the certification of ballots in Wayne County, Michigan, was being withdrawn because the county's board of canvassers "met and declined to certify the results of the presidential election."

But that statement is false: The board voted to certify the results, after an outcry over Republican members who initially voted not to certify.

Those two GOP members now say they want to rescind their votes. But state officials say that is not possible, and that the certification is official.

Also, this happened today.

Programming note... following a successful consultation last week, I will be starting laser treatment tomorrow. The procedure itself can be painful, but my recovery will require me to hold ice on my face between applications of Aloe. This is my first of many treatments so I'll be offline to focus on that tomorrow. Next week will be a short week because of the Thanksgiving holiday, but I plan to be here on Monday and Tuesday. Have a good weekend.

  • muselet

    • Mark Meadows has a real flair for the blindingly obvious, doesn’t he?

    • Media consolidation rears its ugly head again. HuffPo’s comments threads are cesspits and always have been, but the reporting (and aggregation) is generally somewhere north of very good. It will be *ahem* interesting to see what the sites new overlords do with (or to) HuffPo.

    • Just when you think the Trump campaign’s election-stealing plot couldn’t get any stupider, its lawyers prove us all wrong.

    • Oh dear oh dear oh dear. Rudy Giuliani seems to be off his meds again.

    • Here’s hoping for painless procedures.

    • I don’t think I’d do this on a bet, but it’s fun to watch someone else have a go.

    Have a safe weekend, all.


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