Reid Calling Senate Republican’s Bluff

It looks like Harry Reid is also looking to get into the game of calling on Republicans to officially back their policy proposals with actual votes.

WASHINGTON – Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) will hold a Senate vote on Rep. Paul Ryan's (R-WI) controversial budget plan, Raw Story has confirmed.

The plan, recently approved by the House, has virtually no chance of passing the Democratic-led Senate. The vote would serve to put Senate Republicans on the record in favor of slashing taxes on the rich while replacing Medicare with a voucher program.

"There will be an opportunity in the Senate to vote on the Ryan budget to see if Republican senators like the Ryan budget as much as the House did," Reid told reporters on a conference call. "Without going into the Ryan budget we will see how much the Republicans like it here in the Senate."

Between Harry Reid bringing the Paul Ryan Path to Poverty to a vote on the floor of the Senate, and Nancy Pelosi urging John Boehner to bring oil subsidies to a vote on the floor of the House, the Democratic game-plan to gain the upper-hand seems to be one of forcing the Republicans to clearly show what they do and do not support.

Talk is cheap, but votes become part of the official record. Will the Senate Republicans vote yay or nay on the Medicare-killing, Path to Poverty? The policies found within The Path are wildly unpopular, even among self-identified Republicans, so either way they're going to end up looking bad.