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Remember The Anti-Gay Alamo


If we don’t stop the “LGBT assault” in its tracks right now, Santa Anna is going to blow through Houston like a Hurricane according to Georgia GOP House candidate Jody Hice.

Pastors in the Houston area have been subpoenaed for records of their sermons related to their failure to gather enough valid signatures to repeal a non-discrimination ordinance. The Religious Right, meanwhile, alleges that it’s a witch hunt being carried out by a gay mayor.

Jody Hice, for his part, says Houston is “the new Alamo” where straights will face off against the horde of marauding gays in a final confrontation.

via RightWingWatch

[The] Religious Right has turned the incident into a cause celebre, and Hice is on board, declaring on his radio program that the Houston incident is “the new Alamo” for anti-gay activists.

“This is the battleground now over traditional family,” he said. “And what is going to occur over this development is that we are either going to see this in Houston, Texas, be the beginning of the end of the LGBT assault, if you will, on freedom to practice religion and of traditional family values being rightfully defended, or this is going to be a huge step toward the ultimate collapse of religious liberty in America.”

It’s not clear if Jody Hice understands that the Alamo ultimately fell to the enemy.

Also not clear: if he understands that the Alamo is located in San Antonio.

Jody Hice will probably be a member of Congress come January.