Report: 5 to 10,000 Troops Headed to Middle East for Whatever Reason

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

Multiple outlets reported last night that Trump may order up to 10,000 additional troops to the Middle East for some poorly defined reason.

Sources who spoke to ABC News say the additional forces will serve as a deterrent against Iran.

U.S. Central Command is requesting additional defensive capabilities that could lead to as many as 5,000 to 10,000 additional troops being sent to the Middle East to deter Iran, a U.S. official told ABC News.

There will be a meeting at the White House on Thursday where the Central Command request will be considered, according to two U.S. officials, who stressed that it is unclear which portions of the CENTCOM request could be approved at this White House meeting.

Sources who spoke to the Associated Press say this is not a response to threats from Iran.

The officials said no final decision has been made yet, and it’s not clear if the White House would approve sending all or just some of the requested forces. Officials said the move is not in response to any new threat from Iran but is aimed at reinforcing security in the region. They said the troops would be defensive forces, and the discussions include additional Patriot missile batteries, more ships and increased efforts to monitor Iran.

Even if this is a response to threats from Iran, we know that Trump's national security adviser John Bolton is behind the movement to exaggerate if not outright fabricate those threats.

The Trump regime is chasing ghosts that were created by the Trump regime.

  • muselet

    Moving 5–10,000 military personnel into the Middle East is not a responce to new Iranian threats, because there have been no new Iranian threats.

    Juan Cole has been, unsurprisingly, all over this story, pointing out the disingenuousness of the Trump administration’s obsession with Iran. For example, here, here and here.

    John Bolton and Mike Pompeo want a war with Iran, and they’ll do nearly anything to get one, including fabricating a casus belli. Likening a bunch of Iranian semi-inflatables with some rockets onboard to a fleet of guided-missile destroyers was clumsy and silly, but next time, they might come up with something more plausible.

    The only one they have to convince is Donald Trump, and he’s a pretty easy mark.


  • waspuppet

    Do you think Trump has any idea how many troops we actually have?

    • muselet

      He hasn’t a clue.