Report: Bolton Still Has 20-Year Hard-on For War With Iran

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

Contrary to public appearances, Trump's national security advisers John Bolton never lost his 20-year hard-on for starting a war with Iran according to the Wall Street Journal.

The Journal first reported late last night that Bolton asked the Pentagon to draw up plans for attacking Iran last year, but the request was not related to the nuclear deal or Trump's decision to withdraw from it.

Bolton made the request for a far more ridiculous reason.

The request, which hasn’t been previously reported, came after militants fired three mortars into Baghdad’s sprawling diplomatic quarter, home to the U.S. Embassy, on a warm night in early September. The shells—launched by a group aligned with Iran—landed in an open lot and harmed no one.

But they triggered unusual alarm in Washington, where Mr. Trump’s national security team led by John Bolton conducted a series of meetings to discuss a forceful U.S. response, including what many saw as the unusual request for options to strike Iran.

Reading a story about John Bolton calling for war with Iran in response to mortar shells landing in Baghdad's Green Zone may have triggered a few flashbacks this morning.

  • ozdog

    of course he wants war with iran, is he going to be the one doing the fighting? since he’s so gung-ho about war, you’d think he would’ve volunteered for service in vietnam!

  • muselet

    New Oxford American Dictionary:

    reckless | ˈrekləs |
    (of a person or their actions) without thinking or caring about the consequences of an action: reckless driving.

    Old English reccelēas, from the Germanic base (meaning ‘care’) of reck.


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