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Report: DHS Secretary is Next to Go

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

While we eagerly await the departure of Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, the Washington Post reports that Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen could be the next cabinet member to follow Zinke out the door.

The Post reports that Trump personally told his staff to replace Kirstjen Nielsen as soon as possible.

President Trump has told advisers he has decided to remove Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, and her departure from the administration is likely to occur in the coming weeks, if not sooner, according to five current and former White House officials.

Trump canceled a planned trip with Nielsen this week to visit U.S. troops at the border in South Texas and told aides over the weekend that he wants her out as soon as possible, these officials said.

Kirstjen Nielsen has done almost everything Trump has asked her to do including lie to the public about the Trump regime's family separation policy, and for that reason I considered her to be one of his worst cabinet members, but it's not enough to please her boss.

According to the Washington Post, Trump wants to replace Nielsen because she hasn't done certain things that she has no authority to do like completely shut down the border.

Whoever the next secretary of the department is, they'll find themselves in the exact same position as Kirstjen Nielsen and they won't have the benefit of a Republican Congress that's willing to overlook everything they do. The next secretary will be tasked with carrying out Trump's orders while the threat of Democratic subpoenas hang over their head.

If Trump's cabinet secretaries break the law on his behalf, it's their ass on the line, not his.

If the Washington Post's report is correct, it's possible Nielsen could actually exit before Ryan Zinke does.

  • muselet

    I shed no tears for the coming unemployment of Kirstjen “I don’t know if Norwegians are white” Nielsen. She should have known she wouldn’t be able to live down to the expectations of the penny-ante con man heading this administration.

    Is anyone else amused that it was her refusal to act illegally that will get her canned?

    Mind you, whoever Donald Trump chooses as her successor will be no better and will probably be far worse. Does anyone have Stephen Miller in the pool?


  • Username1016

    He’s gonna run out of sleazebags willing to work for him, at the rate he’s going through them.

    • Draxiar

      I think he already has. Why do I think this? Because he claims he’s got several people in line for each and every position….and he’s a big fat liar.

  • katanahamon

    Isn’t this some sort of record for presidential appointees being indicted, prosecuted, fired, and resigned?