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Report: Donald Trump Has Only 30 Staffers. Total.

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

Donald Trump fueled speculation that he isn't really running a campaign for president by saying he does not need to hire a significant number of staffers, leaving some to estimate that he may have fewer than 100 staff members.

The truth is that Trump has only 30 staffers(!) for the entire country according to a report from the Associated Press.

The New York billionaire has slowly begun to add paid staff in a handful of swing states — Wisconsin and Iowa, among them — even as campaign officials concede the presumptive presidential nominee has little desire or capacity to construct the kind of massive national operation that has come to define modern-day White House campaigns. Trump plans instead to depend upon the national Republican Party to lead state-based efforts on his behalf, while Democrat Hillary Clinton has had an army of staff dedicated specifically to her campaign in general election battlegrounds for months. [...]

Trump is largely outsourcing what's typically called a campaign's ground game, which includes the labor-intensive jobs of identifying and contacting potential supporters. Ed Brookover, recently tapped to serve as the Trump's liaison to the RNC, says the campaign is making progress on adding its own staff in key states.

The campaign estimates it currently has about 30 paid staff on the ground across the country.

In comparison, the Clinton campaign has hundreds of staff members with far more than 30 in Ohio alone. Moreover, Trump's limited number of staff members means he has no staff at all in some states and just one or two in others. Trump currently only has 1 single staffer in Wisconsin according to this report, which might be considered insane if you believe he actually wants to win.

Something else about this report that strikes me is that Trump has run a campaign against the Republican establishment, but he's relying on the establishment to run a campaign for him. I expect he'll also blame them when he loses. Or maybe I should say 'when they lose for him.'

Trump's cable network will probably have more than 30 staffers.

  • muselet

    It’s possible Donald Trump is running to quit: campaign badly until the poll numbers get bad enough and hit the silk. He still gets a big bump in name recognition and attracts more potential marks for his future ventures from his small-donors list. Basically, he’s running a con.

    It’s possible the short-fingered vulgarian is running to lose: campaign badly until the bitter end, then blame the GOP for the loss. The advantages are as above—and it’s also a con—but I don’t think it’s likely, since his whole campaign isn’t about policy but WINNING!

    It seems at least as likely as Option 1 above that Combover Caligula is running to win but has no clue how to do it. His mammoth ego makes him think he can win the election without doing any of the dull, grubby things modern campaigning depends on (he was apparently given a long list of potential big-bucks donors to call, but got bored after three and quit).

    As long as nothing horrific happens to overturn the electoral apple cart, it could be entertaining to watch and find out exactly what the hell Trump is playing at.


    • Ya know, I’m not so sure that Trump knows what he is “playing at” from day to day. It’s like he’s bored and the Presidential election sounded like fun to him. He’s a big child playing with dangerous toys and other people’s lives and he’s having the very best time doing it. Nothing says narcissism better than running for President because you’re bored and rich.

      • muselet

        You’re quite right. I’m not sure even Donald Trump knows what Donald Trump’s endgame is, and it does seem as if he decided to run for President as a lark.

        It could be interesting to see what effect a losing presidential run will have on his precious—should be precioussssss!—brand (I don’t want to know what effect winning would have).


        • In re: losing, I hope it destroys him but not likely. Since he’s already a monster, albeit a monster with tiny hands, if he wins he’ll become a powerful monster. I just cannot fathom that the American people would elect such a complete ass.

  • i_a_c

    The organizational issues is why he will probably lose big. He has no money and no organization. Free media is great in the knuckle dragging Republican primary, but this is the big leagues now.

  • Aynwrong

    Terry Gilliam’s Brazil is one of those classic films that for some reason I have never gotten around to seeing. I have heard that it is wonderfully surreal. Is it as bizarre as what were seeing play out in actual reality? Assuming of course we’re not all just sharing the same ridiculous dream.

    I only ask because I’m looking for a reference to describe the sheer weirdness of what we’re witnessing.

  • Badgerite

    Orange grifter.