Report: Mitt Romney is Running for Senate

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

Five sources who spoke to The Atlantic say Senator Orrin Hatch (R-UT) won't seek reelection in 2018 and Mitt Romney will announce a campaign to take his place.

Sources close to both men said plans have already been set in motion for Hatch to retire and for Romney to run, but they cautioned that the timing of the announcements have not yet been finalized, and that either man could still change his mind. They spoke on condition of anonymity, because the plans are not yet public, and the subject is sensitive to Hatch. Already, though, the expected developments are reshaping the state’s political landscape.

Derek Miller, the CEO of Utah’s World Trade Center who said he was exploring a bid for the seat earlier this year, said the plan for Romney to run had been “reported to me as a ‘done deal.’” He added, “if Romney runs, I will fully support him.”

If this is true, I think it's safe to assume Romney will easily defeat a possible Republican primary opponent, or two, and probably become the state's next senator.

The big question is what kind of senator he would be. The Republican party doesn't need another Trump sycophant, it needs more people who are willing to accept at least some empirical realities.

Yes, senators like Bob Corker and Jeff Flake are still conservatives who will vote accordingly, but that's still better than a Bannonite nationalist. Electing belligerent assholes is very bad for the long-term health of the country.

  • Axomamma

    Romney would only run for senate as a prelude to another run for president. It’s not enough to be rich. Like Bush Junior, he’s working out his daddy issues on the national stage.

  • muselet

    What kind of senator would Mitt Romney be?

    Probably another gutless wonder who will occasionally, and ostentatiously, seek the fainting couch because of Donald Trump’s crassness, then vote the party line every damn’ time.

    Yeah, better that than someone from the burn the motherfucker down! wing of the GOP, but that’s a pretty low bar to clear.


    • JMAshby

      It’s a low bar, but the alternative may be (more) political violence.

      • muselet

        I don’t disagree. I’m just getting tired of hoping the Rs select someone who’s not a Visigoth.


        • Draxiar

          That’s a rather unflattering comparison to make about Visigoths *wink*

  • Badgerite

    I want Gorka executed for treason. Or…..just because he’s awful, dishonest and an fffffing Nazi.

    • muselet

      Nah, just deport his Hungaro-English Nazi arse. See how well he fares among the skinheads.