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Report: Pompeo Ordered Staff to Serve His Family

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

More details continue to trickle out in the wake of State Department Inspector General Steve Linick's firing and while we already knew Secretary of State Mike Pompeo ordered his staff to do household chores for him, that also apparently extended to the rest of his family.

Writing for Slate, Fred Kaplan reports that Pompeo also ordered staff to chauffeur his wife when she traveled on personal business and even ordered them to help his mother-in-law move.

Linick was looking into two issues brought to his attention by several employees. First, Pompeo and his wife, Susan, were using State Department political appointees for personal household tasks—having them pick up dry cleaning, walk their dog, buy groceries, and so forth. The couple have apparently made these demands quite a lot. A friend of the family told me that when Susan Pompeo visited her mother in Lafayette, Louisiana, security officials were ordered to pick her up at the airport. Last June, they were told to pack up the house in Lafayette and cart away boxes when her mother prepared to move to a retirement home in Overland Park, Kansas.

It's not clear who is behind the leaks of various details of Pompeo's growing list of abuses, but I don't think it's Linick.

I can only speculate, and it certainly could be Linick or people close to him, but it seems more likely to me that the leaks are actually coming from within Trumpworld. It's beginning to look like someone wants Pompeo gone sooner rather than later.

Pompeo should be gone, of course, even if we're only learning these details because someone close to Trump wants us to. Pompeo is utterly pompous and abusive but, more importantly, his leadership has been a disaster. His misuse of department resources may be what finally gets him, but if the Trump regime actually valued policy successes he would have been ejected long ago.

Maybe that's the wrong way to put it. What we see as success is actually seen as failure in the Trump White House, after all, and things we see as failures are counted as successes.

Trump's foreign policy from one side of the globe to the other has been one blunder after another, but Trump is happy. He likes his blunders.

  • Draxiar

    It’s easy for me to initially think that I would never do those out-of-bounds tasks but neither is my career on the line. I feel bad for the folks that may have felt they had no choice but to do them.

    Not for nothing but wasn’t the long ago head of the EPA ousted for doing something similar? You know…the guy that had the super silent room so he could make calls? Remember that guy from 100 years ago?

  • fry1laurie

    They serve his family, and Pompeo serves himself. Sweet gig.

  • muselet

    Mike and Susan Pompeo misusing government personnel and resources is nothing new; they did it when he was at CIA, as well.

    As for who’s leaking, it’s probably not Steve Linick, who seems to have acted professionally his whole career. More likely, it’s someone in the White House—Stephen Miller? Jared Kushner?—or someone hovering on the periphery—Steve Bannon?—but it’s impossible to say for sure; who wants to be the next Secretary of State?

    I’d say good riddance, but we all know whoever comes next would be at least as bad as Pompeo.

    November can’t come soon enough.


  • Aynwrong

    The Secretary of State is having his staff perform menial tasks and domestic chores… FOR HIS MOM!!! This seems less like what I expect from corrupt (bordering on fascist) government officials and more like the kind of bizarre, touched in the head batshit lunacy I’ve come to expect from the Church of Scientology.