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Report: Ross Overruled Census Officials

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

States lining up to challenge the Trump regime's census changes in court may have new evidence to bolster their case if this report is correct.

Pro Publica reports that Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross heard but overruled career officials in the Census Bureau who warned that adding a citizenship question will lower response rates.

Two people with knowledge of the deliberations said career leaders in the Census Bureau, which is part of the Commerce Department, had scrambled to come up with alternatives to adding the question. Those efforts were unsuccessful.

In a memo announcing his decision, Ross said that “The Census Bureau and many stakeholders expressed concern that [a citizenship question] would negatively impact the response rate for non-citizens.”

But Ross added that “neither the Census Bureau nor the concerned stakeholders could document that the response rate would in fact decline materially.”

Ross says Census officials could not substantiate their objections but, according to Pro Publica, the agency held a focus group in November that found that Arabic and Spanish-speaking people were concerned that their data would be shared outside the Census Bureau.

I'd say that's a reasonable concern.

If agency officials also communicated these concerns internally, that may be something states would want to subpoena in court. There's also this: Trump is now fundraising off the citizenship question.

Republicans just can't help themselves when it comes to self-incrimination.

  • muselet

    There are processes in place to change the census forms, processes deliberately ignored by Wilbur Ross (and Donald Trump) in order to gain partisan political advantage for the GOP.

    And if Trump weren’t fundraising off this, that would have been the biggest surprise in decades.


  • Aynwrong

    I knew the Trump administration was going to be jam packed with wealthy people who wanted to screw everyone else in favor of their own interests. What I didn’t realize was that so many of these people were utterly disgusting regarding virtually every facet of American existence.

    How in God’s name did Trump manage to gather them all in one placeplace at one time?!?

    • muselet

      Game recognize game.


    • Badgerite

      Just what I was thinking. “Where does he find these people?”