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Report: Trump Also Used Other Charities To Pay Legal Bills

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

The Washington Post reported yesterday that Trump rigged his golf course and then used his foundation's money to pay for a legal settlement after he was sued over it, but NBC reported this morning that he also used someone else's charity to pay for the legal settlement.

Trump's legal trolls reportedly negotiated his own share of the debt down so that a partner charity would be left to cover most of the bill.

Trump's lawyers and the attorneys for Alonzo Mourning Charities worked out the final breakdown in payments among themselves, resulting in the Trump Foundation contributing just $158,000.

It's unclear how much Alonzo Mourning Charities was required to contribute in the final settlement, but a review of the Martin Greenberg Foundation's tax filings that year shows a contribution of $617,346 from the organization — nearly four times as much as the Trump Foundation paid to settle the case.

Although Trump was responsible for rigging his own golf course like a cheap carny, the Alonzo Mourning charity was left with a bigger bill to pay.

The Mourning Family Foundation primarily benefits disadvantaged children. The Trump foundation primarily benefits Trump himself.

Trump is the biggest cheapass to ever run for office.

  • Badgerite

    Of course he did. Crooked donald.

  • I can’t even imagine being so petty and cheap as this asshole.

    • ninjaf

      Trump reminds me of a man for whom I worked as an office manager in a previous career. Like Trump, my former boss inherited his business from his dad. I met his dad, who seemed to be an honest, hard-working man. But he raised an entitled brat who had no appreciation for what it takes to earn a dollar.

      The company rented heavy construction equipment (excavators, front end loaders, etc.) so we had lowboy trailers that would haul the equipment to job sites. Unless they were busy being used to haul my former boss’ boat (small yacht, really) from the southern part of the state to the northern part of the state for his long weekends. My former boss would then fly his private plane (that he would charter out a couple of times a year, just enough to be able to claim tax deductions) to the boat.

      Then, this same boss would refuse to pay his drivers any more than $8.50 an hour (this was 15 years ago but it was still not a great wage even then). If they tried to negotiate even 25 cents more an hour, he would let them quit and start all over again with a new driver than pay the extra $10 a week.

      The first Christmas I was there, he was telling me how much to give each employee as a Christmas bonus…$1,500 for so-and-so, $2,000 for another guy, and $300 to me. I laughed, thinking he was joking because everyone else in the office (all men) received bonuses no less than $1,500. He looked uncomfortable.

      I said, “You’re kidding, right?”

      He said, “No.”

      I said, “Try again.”

      After a few rounds of this, I was able to get him up to a $1,000 bonus for myself. You know…the one who was doing his bookkeeping, balancing his checkbooks, running the office, etc.

      And every time I hear personal details about Trump, this is who I think of. “Oh, I know that guy. I WORKED for that guy.” No way in HELL does that guy need to be running our country, BEFORE we even get to policy positions.

  • muselet

    Why anyone would willingly have any dealings with Donald Trump is beyond me.


    • fry1laurie

      New York banks have come to their senses.

      • muselet

        Indeed, and not a minute too soon.


    • JMAshby

      From what I understand, Deutsche Bank is the only bank that will work with him now, and he owes them hundreds of millions of dollars.

      I sincerely think Trump could be living in Russia by this time next year. Just imagine the lawsuits and possible criminal charges against him that are coming after the election.

      • muselet

        That’s my understanding, as well.

        I was referring less to big banks and more to contractors and others, like the Mourning Family Foundation. They should know they’re going to get stiffed, even outright shafted, but still they choose to do business with the Great Orange Babboon. I find that astounding.