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Report: Trump May Be Paying Off Former Staffers

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

Why haven't we heard more about the inner workings of the Trump regime from the large number of people who've departed his campaign or quit their jobs at the White House?

It's possible some of them are just as loyal today as they were before, but it's also possible they're being paid off.

Following up on Omarosa Manigault Newman's claim that she was offered $15,000 per month to keep her mouth shut, ABC News found that some former staffers have been paid exactly $15,000 per month.

A number of former Trump aides – including two who served in sensitive positions in the White House – have been paid roughly $15,000 per month by either the Trump campaign, the Republican National Committee or America First PAC, a political action committee dedicated to Trump’s re-election for various services described only briefly in filings.

Campaign or party coffers made monthly payments to former director of Oval Office operations Keith Schiller for “security services,” former personal assistant to the president John McEntee for “payroll,” former digital media director of the Trump campaign Brad Parscale for “digital consulting [and] management consulting” and former director of advertising for the Trump campaign Gary Coby for “media services [and] consulting.”

I suppose it could be a coincidence that they're all being paid the same amount of money under similarly sketchy circumstances. It's possible they're being paid for legitimate services, but it's actually more plausible that they're being paid off.

Trump is a notorious deadbeat who doesn't properly pay people who work for him, but these people aren't working for him. The only people in Trumpworld who seem to get paid on a consistent basis are people who have inside knowledge that could be used against him. But no one is ever paid directly by him; it's always his campaign, the RNC, or the Trump Organization.

It's fairly clear that they don't care as long as Trump is protected, but I have to wonder once again if Republican donors truly know what their money is being used for.

  • muselet

    The only surprise for me is that the payoff is as high as $15,000 per month.

    I’d have thought hush money from a chiseling weasel like Donald Trump would max out at five grand—even if someone else were paying the tab—and then only if the person had particularly juicy stories to tell.


    • Tony Lavely

      Hope they’re banking most of it against the collapse coming.

  • Holy Baby Cheezits, that’s a lot of money for silence. Nice work if you can grift it.

  • Aynwrong

    All of this has been decades in the making. 40 years of plying the entire Republican party (not merely the so called base) with an overload of racism, lies and enough paranoid nonsense to make Fox Mulder do a double take has left the GOP with a group of voters cynical enough to look the other way on anything.

    Oh, and a media terrified of calling them out on any of it.

  • Nefercat

    “I have to wonder once again if Republican donors truly know what their money is being used for.”
    Or if they care.

    • Oh, they care and they’re okay with how it’s being spent or they wouldn’t keep electing them. Particularly for the die hard Trumpov supporters–it’s not a bug, it’s a feature.

  • katanahamon

    Jesus H…isn’t everyone sick of the never ending display of outright corruption? President Obama got flak for a tan suit, but now Rump can receive bribes in the form of flouting the emoluments clause when foreign (and domestic) diplomats spend lavishly at his personal properties, virtually every person appointed by Rump is either in jail, been fired and being bribed to shut up, or is under investigation. Unless Rump and his unethical family and cohorts end up serving jail time, America will never restore its integrity or world image…

    • Ellen Kuhlmann

      it really illustrates the power of racism, and how badly the GOP wanted those tax cuts and get the deregulation train back on track.