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Report: Trump Offered Macron a Deal He Could Easily Refuse

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

The world is very fortunate that French President Emmanuel Macron is not even one tenth as idiotic as Donald Trump is.

According to the Washington Post, Trump asked Macron to leave the European Union (EU) in exchange for a bilateral trade deal during his official visit in April.

During a private meeting at the White House in late April, Trump was discussing trade with French President Emmanuel Macron. At one point, he asked Macron, “Why don’t you leave the E.U.?” and said that if France exited the union, Trump would offer it a bilateral trade deal with better terms than the E.U. as a whole gets from the United States, according to two European officials. The White House did not dispute the officials’ account, but declined to comment.

Macron and his administration have access to better information than we do and what we know tells us Trump does not actually make deals.

Trump's idea of a "deal" is he gets everything and you get nothing. Or, in the case of North Korea and other dictatorships, his idea of a "deal" is they get everything and he gets nothing.

Even if you approach Trump with a genuine offer, as China and our other major trading partners have come to learn, he will throw it back in your face because he does not believe in honest negotiations. Trump believes the rest of the world is just as self-centered and absorbed as he is and thus he does not trust anyone who negotiates in good faith because he exhibits none.

Beside all of that, there's nothing Trump could offer France that they don't already have. They don't need us. The EU is already the largest trading bloc in the world and the world's second largest economy behind China. China and the EU are currently negotiating a trade deal.

France leaving the EU would destabilize the entire union. Destabilizing the EU happens to be an explicit goal of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

  • muselet

    At one point, he asked Macron, “Why don’t you leave the E.U.?”

    Perhaps because Emmanuel Macron believes that European integration is a good thing? Or perhaps because Macron sees making deals with a demonstrated liar is not smart? Or perhaps Macron believes treaty obligations are really that, obligations.

    Da xiang bao za shi de la du zi!


  • Badgerite

    What a coincidence. I’m shocked.

  • Aynwrong

    God damned puppet.

    Whenever the D’s take back the White House (God willing) there has to be a recognition of the threat that Vladimir Putin and the far right (globally and here at home) poses to the country and democracy itself. We have to recognize that we are engaged in a new cold war with Russia and that American conservatives are willing to be the “useful idiots” of this era. This will only happen with a Democrat in the White House because Republicans have either chosen to throw in with this enemy or simply look the other way.

    • Nefercat

      “God damned puppet.
      God damned traitorous puppet.

    • Victor the Crab

      At this point in history, I wonder if the Dems will EVER retake the White House and both Houses. It would seem the unwitting stooges of the Liberally Biased Mainstream Media™ are doing whatever it takes to help the GOP keep all the legislative branches of government all the way to the Whiter House, because Republicans give JACK!!! FUCK!!! about the American political process and what it means to the general populace.