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Report: Trump Wants to Purge the Government, Let Corporate Executives Run It

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

Trump campaign surrogate, noted McDonald's fetcher, and White House transition team leader Chris Christie says Donald Trump might purge the federal government of liberals if he becomes president.

Doing so would require an act of Congress, but Christie says Trump would ask for exactly that.

“As you know from his other career, Donald likes to fire people,” Christie told a closed-door meeting with dozens of donors at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, according to an audio recording obtained by Reuters and two participants in the meeting. [...]

Christie also told the gathering that changing the leadership of the Environmental Protection Agency, long a target of Republicans concerned about over regulation, would be a top priority for Trump should he win in November.

Christie added that the Trump team wants to let businesspeople serve in government part time without having to give up their jobs in the private sector. Trump frequently says he is better equipped to be president because of his business experience.

The idea of purging ideological dissent from every level of government is concerning enough, but that last bit is pure insanity.

If you're someone who believes corporations and lobbyists have too much influence on the government, just wait until lobbyists and corporate executives literally run the government and their businesses at the same time under President Trump.

The idea is so ethically absurd I can't even say it with a straight face, and yet I have no doubt this would be one of Trump's goals. Donald Trump has no ethics and neither would his government. Trump would purge the government of dissent and control business and labor by appointing corporate businessmen to positions where they can control employment and the laws regulating employment.

Are you getting the picture?

If there are any liberal holdouts who still believe Donald Trump would be tougher on corporations and Wall Street than Hillary Clinton, you're out of your fucking minds. Donald Trump has all the makings of a fascist.

  • Scopedog

    If there are any liberal holdouts who still believe Donald Trump would be tougher on corporations and Wall Street than Hillary Clinton, you’re out of your fucking minds. Donald Trump has all the makings of a

    This needs to be shouted from the f**king mountaintops. Repeatedly.

    Sadly, I’m sure there will be those few holdouts who will stop up their ears and still believe that it is Hillary who is the true corporate neo-liberal shill or whatever and that she’ll be worse than Trump. I mean, if people like Jill Stein, Michael Moore, Cornell West, Jeff Cohen, and Gary Leupp still don’t see this…

  • Aynwrong

    All the years Barack Obama has been president Conservative media has relentlessly latched any paper thin nonsense they could so they could scream bloody conspiracy and they have gotten plenty of press doing it. One of Trump’s top surrogates gives an interview to a mainstream outlet and tells of plans that literally screams fascism and the God famned media talk about is the ridiculous shit show that is the GOP convention.

    I’m starting to wonder if Sinclair Lewis wasn’t a prophet.

  • muselet

    If he wins the presidency, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump would seek to purge the federal government of officials appointed by Democratic President Barack Obama and could ask Congress to pass legislation making it easier to fire public workers, Trump ally, Chris Christie, said on Tuesday.


    Trump’s transition advisers fear that Obama may convert these appointees to civil servants, who have more job security than officials who have been politically appointed. This would allow officials to keep their jobs in a new, possibly Republican, administration, Christie said.

    “It’s called burrowing,” Christie said. “You take them from the political appointee side into the civil service side, in order to try to set up … roadblocks for your successor, kind of like when all the Clinton people took all the Ws off the keyboard when George Bush was coming into the White House.”

    Two things spring to mind. First, every administration goes out of its way to make it hard for the next administration to change policies, specifically including the GW Bush administration; once again, this is only a scandal if a D does it. Second, Christie is a lying liar who tells lies, and shame on Reuters for misrepresenting the GAO’s report on the few instances of petty vandalism by outgoing Clinton staffers.

    Anyone who’s not scared by the prospect of a President Donald John Trump isn’t paying attention.


  • Badgerite

    I am getting the picture. The United States of America would become something akin to one giant plantation.
    Where we could all labor for the greater glory of the Trump Family and perhaps a few favored allied families.
    Sort of like Game of Thrones. Christ. I have always thought the GOP lost its way long ago, but this is pretty off the wall even for them. And these low life’s want Hilary Clinton jailed? Christie has really sold his soul to the Orange Sociopath.