Report: Trump’s Clubs Have Been Hiring Workers Off The Street

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

We know that Trump clubs and resorts including the Mar-a-Lago routinely hire hundreds of foreign guest workers each year, but that's only part of the story according to a new report from the New York Times.

While Trump's practice of hiring foreign guest workers is the public face of his labor force, the Times reports that Trump also employs a separate force of undocumented workers alongside his legal workers.

PALM BEACH, Fla. — Behind the clipped hedges of President Trump’s sumptuous private clubs in South Florida, including his Mar-a-Lago estate where he has spent many getaway weekends, there has long been a built-in contradiction to the policy the president has repeatedly described as “America First.” [...]

Alongside the foreign guest workers and the sizable American staff is another category of employees, mostly those who work on the pair of lush golf courses near Mar-a-Lago. Not offered apartments, they have been picked up by Trump contractors from groups of undocumented laborers at the side of the road; hired through staffing companies that assume responsibility for checking their immigration status; or brought onto the payroll with little apparent scrutiny of their Social Security cards and green cards, some of which are fake.

So, it's possible that when Trump is golfing in Florida, he's being attended to by people who were literally picked up on the side of the road.

I don't necessarily consider that a security threat or even a problem in itself, but it certainly says something that Trump has been ranting and raving about closing the border and kicking out immigrant women and children while his company picks up workers off the street. The image of an undocumented worker who gets picked up off the street to work for less money is the stereotype that Trump and his base of support claim to oppose. That image is the avatar of everything they hate, isn't it?

The Times also reports that Trump's company has been taking some extra steps to weed out undocumented workers now that they've been exposed.

In March, seven veteran maintenance workers at Trump National Jupiter, the golf club 18 miles north of Mar-a-Lago that Mr. Trump purchased in 2012, were informed that the work force was being reorganized. Workers had until March 22 to provide proof that they were legally eligible to work in the United States, they were told [...]

“They got rid of me after so many years of hard work because I don’t have papers,” said Doroteo Hernández, 42, an undocumented immigrant from Mexico who worked for 10 years on the maintenance crew at Jupiter, one of Mr. Trump’s favorite golfing spots on his weekends at Mar-a-Lago.

There's no good reason to kick out this man or those like him.

  • muselet

    The cynic in me thinks Donald Trump is only outraged about immigrant women and children because his various golf courses hire mostly men.

    (The ever-so-slightly-less-cynical part of me agrees with the cynic.)


  • katanahamon

    Lies and hypocrisy, hypocrisy and lies. In other words..Tuesday. Let’s see, instead of prosecuting or impeaching Rump for emoluments violations, Rump’s Justice Department is simply..changing the rules to allow presidents to receive bribes and inducements. Sure, nothing wrong with that. Impeachment time..? Anyone?

    • Correction: Republican presidents. The next Democrat in office will be back to minute scrutiny for any imagined financial impropriety.