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Republican Plan For The Poor


Artist — Pat Bagley

In other news, President Obama has vowed to veto any legislation that calls for new sanctions on Iran while peace-through-diplomacy gets its first chance in my lifetime to see what it can do.

Beginning January 20th, Iran will for the first time start eliminating its stockpile of higher levels of enriched uranium and dismantling some of the infrastructure that makes such enrichment possible.

Suck it, warmongers!

  • drspittle

    I blame Obama.

  • LTanya Spearman

    Here’s are the 15 Democrats saboteurs and chickenhawks attempting to undermine Pres. Obama and SOS Kerry’s diplomacy efforts regarding Iran:
    R. Menendez, M. Begich, R. Blumental, C. Booker, B. Cardin, B. Casey, C. Coons, J. Donnelly, K. Gillibrand, K. Hagan, M. Landrieu, J. Manchin, M. Pryor, C. Schumer, M. Warner

    • mrbrink

      They’re not undermining anything. Those are some good people. Expressing differences in opinion is democratic. They have good enough reason to be concerned. This is new territory for U.S. foreign policy. Adding, I’m also glad this president has the pen.