Republican Summit Fail

Admittedly, I was trapped inside a multitasking loop of death today, but I listened to as much of the summit as I could, and this much is obvious: given an opportunity to get serious, the Republicans made with the same buffoonery and childish gimp speak they've employed for a year now.

So it looks like the president and the Democrats will move forward without them. Thank effing goodness.

The endless cavalcade of "government takeover" Luntz-speak topped with a healthy dose of lying about CBO reports made them look like the buffoons they are. This time on national television for seven and a half hours. One of the GOP talking points that I found most offensive was the repeatedly misleading poll numbers. Americans hate this bill! Mumble grumble! Well, actually, when they're presented with the various individual provisions of the bills, healthcare reform is very popular.

Anyway, can we pass the damn bill now?