Republicans Backtrack on Trump’s Fake Emergency

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

For a brief period of time it appeared as though the Republican-controlled Senate would actually pass a resolution to block Trump's fake emergency on the southern border but, to no one's surprise, they're now reaching for a far more gutless option.

Senate Republicans are now considering a bill that would block future fake emergencies, but not the current fake emergency.

As the White House and GOP senators sought a compromise on curbing a president’s power to unilaterally declare such emergencies in the future, Pelosi said Wednesday that the House would not take up that legislation if it passed the Senate.

GOP senators are hoping that if Trump endorses that bill, more Republicans would oppose a separate resolution, set for a vote Thursday, that would block the border emergency he proclaimed last month.

It's possible the resolution to block the current fake emergency could still pass, but it seems less likely now than it did before.

I don't think there's doubt in anyone's mind that, if their positions were reversed, and if a Democratic president declared a fake emergency and redirected money from the Pentagon to an unsubstantiated vanity project, Republicans trip over themselves to block it.

A Democratic president would probably be impeached for it.

  • muselet

    I doubt Donald Trump will support the Senate Rs’ bill (more correctly, he will support it, then change his mind, then change his mind again, then decide at the last instant whether to sign or veto the thing), but I’ve been wrong before.

    It won’t be an easy decision for Trump. On the one hand, having to use his first veto on his phony border crisis would be humiliating; on the other hand, he would really like to be able to declare another nonexistent national emergency so he can move money around unilaterally. No matter what he decides, though, the Rs will support him, even if it means ceding to the executive branch even more of the legislative branch’s rights and responsibilities.

    Party before country, every time.