Republicans Set Up the Next Government Shutdown Fight

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

Because congressional Republicans drafted and passed their tax cut bill in just a few days, it's full of holes and unintended consequences that would have been uncovered had it been passed through regular order.

To that end, Politico reports that congressional Republicans want to attach a package of fixes to the next continuing resolution to fund the federal government.

Republicans would like to address the problems as soon as next month, as part of legislation needed to fund the government. But to do that, they’ll need assistance from Democrats, and it’s unclear they are in any mood to help. They were shut out of the process of writing the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, and may be looking for payback after Republicans steadfastly refused to allow them to fix hitches in the Affordable Care Act.

Some Democrats say they will want to widely reopen the law, as part of any effort to clean up the legislative miscues.

“We’re not going to say to Republicans, ‘Oh tell us what you want to do,” said Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio), who sits on the tax-writing Finance Committee. “We want to make the bill better, not just correct whatever technical fix is needed.”

If we're going to have another possible government shutdown next month, this will probably be the reason why. And to be clear, to say that Republicans want to implement "technical" fixes may be putting it too kindly.

The biggest area of concern for congressional Republicans appears to be tax breaks that were unintentionally eliminated in the bill. That's unfortunate, but when Republicans say they want to "fix" the bill that means adding more tax cuts to it. And you can bet their "fix" will include other things that weren't actually intended to be part of the original bill.

There's virtually no good reason for Democrats to play along and they appear to understand that. Republicans will just have to sleep in the bed they made until the midterm elections.

With all of that said, I'd like to take a moment to appreciate the fact that temporarily funding the government on a month-to-month basis is now the status quo. It's a foregone conclusion that we'll see another continuing resolution next month.

  • Draxiar

    Other than trying to mitigate the damage the tax bill will do, the Democrats have no reason to help the Republicans in this. Mind you, that’s a pretty big reason but I don’t believe that Republicans will pass anything the Dems want to include. The only things Republican want from the Dems is approval, they don’t want participation. If they did they would have included the Dems in the first places

    • Tony Lavely

      We can only hope they remember this.

  • Aynwrong

    Some Democrats say they will want to widely reopen the law, as part of any effort to clean up the legislative miscues FUCK UPS.

    What the Republicans are looking for is the ability to do with their tax scam bill that they denied Barack Obama and congressional Democrats for years to do to with Obamacare. Make the necessary adjustments that any large enough piece of legislation will require over time. FUCK ‘EM!

    The ACA was written and passed over the course of 13 months and it needed adjustments. I can only imagine the unintentional booby traps that lay within a massive piece of legislation written and passed in mere days.

    The GOP is a party of the kind of villainous stooges you find in a weekday afternoon cartoon show.

  • muselet

    Whoever could have predicted that a bill written and passed on the fly would have flaws?

    The Ds find themselves with leverage on this. I hope they use it wisely.