Republicans Will Continue The So-Called Obamacare “Bailout”

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

As you know, there's a mechanism of Obamacare that congressional Republicans have decried as an "unconstitutional bailout" for years but, now that they're responsible for what happens next, they've apparently had a change of heart on unconstitutional bailouts.

Facing the very real consequences of ending the program, Republicans now say they will fund the mechanism of Obamacare known as Risk Corridors that redistributes funds from one insurer to others that cover extraordinarily sick patients.

This particular subsidy, which covers out-of-pocket health care costs for low-income participants, has been a GOP target since 2014 when House Republicans went to court to argue the White House funded it unconstitutionally. Republicans were exultant last May when the Federal District Court for the District of Columbia ruled in their favor, even though the payments were allowed to continue pending an appeal.

If congressional Republicans plan to fund the program themselves, it's not clear what that means for their legal case against it.

Is it still unconstitutional, or nah?

  • muselet

    Harry Frankfurt:

    It is impossible for someone to lie unless he thinks he knows the truth. Producing bullshit requires no such conviction. A person who lies is thereby responding to the truth, and he is to that extent respectful of it. When an honest man speaks, he says only what he believes to be true; and for the liar, it is correspondingly indispensable that he considers his statements to be false. For the bullshitter, however, all these bets are off: he is neither on the side of the true nor on the side of the false. His eye is not on the facts at all, as the eyes of the honest man and of the liar are, except insofar as they may be pertinent to his interest in getting away with what he says. He does not care whether the things he says describe reality correctly. He just picks them out, or makes them up, to suit his purpose.

    I think it’s safe to say Republican politicians are bullshitters and everything they say is bullshit. In a purely technical sense, naturally.


  • Aynwrong

    This is going to go on for years. They’re going to try to preserve the effects of the ACA for as long as possible and not pull the rug until they feel electorally safe or pick it apart so slowly & gently that their voter will miss it. Given what their voters just did, I’m not sure they’re wrong.

  • Draxiar

    Republicans have to be wondering how in this hell they get themselves out of the ACA snafu they’ve manufactured for themselves. It wouldn’t surprise me if they start slinging the blame on Democrats claiming they did not tell Rupublicans that repealing the ACA would cause so much chaos.

    • Dread_Pirate_Mathius

      I don’t think they were expecting to find themselves in this position. They were positioning themselves for what we all expected – namely that they would spend the next decade in the wilderness.

      If they set themselves up as the opposition party throwing stones, there’s no need to care about actual policy.


      • Christopher Foxx

        If they set themselves up as the opposition party throwing stones, there’s no need to care about actual policy.

        Republicans are now very much not the opposition party, and still don’t care about actual policy.

  • gescove

    IOKIYAR. This acronym needs to be revised to IOKIYABOA – It’s OK If You’re A Bunch Of Asshats.