Republican Party

Republicans Taking Food From Pregnant Women

Krugman details some of the budget items the Republicans intend to attack:

WIC 1008 million
Food for Peace 544 million
NOAA 450 million
NASA 579 million
Energy efficiency and renewable energy 899
Science 1111 million
Nuclear nonproliferation 648 million
Federal buildings fund 1653 million
Homeland security administration 489 million
FEMA, various, around 1.2 billion
EPA clean water and drinking water about 1.8 billion
Community health centers 1.3 billion
Centers for disease control 900 million

Am I reading this correctly? They want to cut $1.1 billion from "Science"? That makes sense, considering the Republican war against science. Speaking of wars, remember what I proposed in the Huffington Post about reducing abortions by making pregnancy more affordable (free, in fact)? Well, note the top item on the list -- WIC. I'll let Krugman define WIC: "WIC is nutritional aid for pregnant women and women with young children; let’s cut that, because the damage to the nation from malnourishment is a problem for future politicians."

The Republicans want to take food from the mouths of babies and pregnant women. Yeah, and they consider themselves "pro-life" and "anti-abortion" without laughing or acknowledgement of the self-contradiction and disgusting irony of their actions.

And they want to cut nuclear nonproliferation, too. In other words, the Republicans want to reduce spending on programs that keep nukes away from terrorists. The patriotism, America Fuck Yea Party wants to cut spending on this program. And they want to cut the budget for Homeland Security! If the Democrats had tried to do this, rest assured the ads would be up the next day comparing the Democrats to Bin Laden, etc.

There are so many things wrong with this list of cuts. Have at 'em in the comments...