Rick Perry is a Welfare Gomer

The man who doesn't want federal interference, the man who hates government spending, and, because of both, wanted to secede from the Union is sucking off the government tit.

Perry certainly has benefited from the nation’s proclivity toward farm payouts; his 40-acre farm — which he finally sold in 1998 — brought him $72,687 in farm payments between 1987 and 1989 and even made him an additional $9,624 for leaving his land lying fallow. Perry’s father has also received $6,443 from cotton and wheat subsidies in 2002 and 2003.

So go ahead and secede, you shit-kicking gomer. But before you do, and in the immortal words of President Bartlet, "Can we have it back, please?" Yes, all eighty-some-odd-thousand of it. Thanks in advance.

  • When they say they want to have the government smaller, they meant small enough to serve them.

    They have this mentality they’re privileged and can do whatever the hell they want with no responsibility and consequences from their actions.

    It should be mentioned that they just hate it when they see someone (who isn’t like them) getting the same benefits as they do.

    They want the government to be like a luxurious club; only a few are welcomed.

  • i_a_c
    • That’s all we need in the White House, another fucking Texas governor C student…

      • i_a_c

        I wish I could say America won’t fall for it again, but I can’t.