Epic Fail Immigration Rick Perry

Rick Perry’s Border Troops Forced to Use a Food Bank


Texas Governor Rick Perry deployed National Guard troops to the Rio Grande Valley to essentially do nothing (because they have no authority to make arrests or even question immigrants) and apparently he didn’t have a plan in place to pay all of them.

The San Antonio Express-News reports that some of the troops Perry deployed have been forced to use a food bank.

SAN ANTONIO — About 50 National Guard troops deployed to the border by Gov. Rick Perry are using food and gas assistance from a food bank in the Rio Grande Valley because they haven’t been paid in weeks. [...]

Terri Drefke, executive director for the RGV Food Bank, said “about 50″ National Guard troops have requested food or gas assistance from the food bank recently, according to KGBT.

“For some reason they don’t have the funding in their pocket to buy food, and we obviously don’t want them to go hungry,” she said.

Rick Perry sent these men on a wild goose chase and now they’re turning to charity assistance to sustain themselves.

  • bbcaaat

    Come on! Republicans never pay for anything, it’s the first plank in their platform.

  • Mike_Norris

    That will make for a dandy presidential ad.

  • hanadora444

    Who was it who said that Perry is George W without the charm or brains?

  • muselet

    Rick Perry has this sign prominently displayed in his office. He can’t figure out why people look at it and laugh.


  • Bwahahahahahaha!