Rick Perry’s Execution Fetish

The state of Texas is well known for having one of the harshest justice systems in the country, but that doesn't make the precedent being set by Rick Perry any less astonishing.

Likely presidential hopeful Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) oversaw his 235th execution as governor yesterday — the most of any modern governor by far, and nearly half of those conducted in Texas since the death penalty went into effect in 1976. His predecessor, former President George W. Bush, used to hold the dubious distinction, having presided over 152 state killings during his five years in office.

235 executions? What would Jesus do?

Because God apparently told Rick Perry to run for president, can we also infer that God told him to execute 235 people?

Would Rick Perry's execution of the economy, if he became president, also surpass the gruesome record left behind by George Bush?

Rick Perry is George Bush 2.0

  • serial killer, sociopath

    • To paraphrase a quote, the big sociopaths go into politics and execute the little sociopaths who become honest serial killers.

  • mhr4

    Well its not as bad as Obomba, who killed 168 children last month.

    • According to your own source, and links from that source, the 168 number is over 7 years (since 2004)

      Some 168 children have reportedly been killed in the drone strikes – 56 of them during President Obama’s first 20 months in office.

      I am by no means condoning the awfulness of the strikes, but get your facts straight.

  • Rick Perry for president either signals the Republicans really don’t want Mittens to be the nominee or they believe that people hate having a black president so much they’ll vote for George W.Bush’s clone. The question should be if Perry somehow secure the nomination will firebaggers claim there’s no difference between Rick Perry and President Obama?

  • Here’s some more sobering stats on Perry’s fetish. Texas ranks third overall as the state with the most EXONERATIONS .

    Between 1976 to 2002, TX executed 9 individuals who were officially labeled as mentally retarded–i.e., had such low IQ’s that they couldn’t even understand that what they had done was wrong. In 2002, the Supreme Court held in Atkins v. Virginia that it is unconstitutional to execute defendants with ‘mental retardation.’ The only problem is that many states, Texas included, have a very interesting process for determining who is “mentally retarded”. As we’ve talked about here on this site before….IQ isn’t some easy number to determine and expert witnesses can vary on a person’s IQ by an entire standard deviation. Whether someone gets executed now can hang upon some fuzzy number estimate a person’s ability to understand right/wrong.

    Just another great reason NOT to hold TX up as some kind of success story.

  • jasperjava

    235 executions? What would Jesus do?

    He would be one of those who were executed.

    • Great point, jasperjava. They certainly wouldn’t allow some love-thy-neighbor hippie to heal people for free — not in Texas! The state police would no doubt plant some drugs on this commie and find some jailhouse snitch willing to testify that the guy with the Mexican name murdered someone in return for, say, 30 pieces of silver from the Hunt bros. Perry wouldn’t even wash his hands of it — he would never be aware it happened.

  • trgahan

    You’d think a rational man who was elected to lead one of the largest states in the Union would at least ask the following question as that many death warrents crossed his desk: “Why are there so many capital crimes going on in my state” and “What can I do about that?”

    I have no idea how many of these an average Governor sees in a typical term, but I’d think a true Christian would be bothered by seeing so many.

    • I wonder if he emulated Junior and didn’t even bother to read the death warrants before he signed them. “Who cares? You on death row you deserve it, son.” Perhaps Perry even used a special death penalty Auto-Pen so that he could be free for hair styling sessions.

  • dildenusa

    Gunfight at the Austin Coral. We don’t need no stinkin stimulus in Texas.

  • Rick Perry is far, far worse than GWB ever dreamed of being. If I were religious, I’d call him the anti-Christ.

  • D_C_Wilson

    Rick Perry for president of a country he wants to secede from!

  • Scopedog

    But…but Obama’s failed us! He didn’t give me my pony!

    In all seriousness, though…Perry IS Bush 2.0. C’mon people, we went through eight years of hell thanks to a Governor from Texas–are we going to let this happen again?

    2012 is going to be an important year, and it ain’t because of the Mayans.

    • D_C_Wilson

      If anything, Perry would be worse than Bush 2.0. Bush didn’t have to pander to the teabagger contingent. If any of the current slate of GOP candidates wins, America will be turned into some kind of Randian hell once these “ignorant fools” have complete free reign.

      I don’t give a shit how disappointed anyone is in Obama, the alternative is far, far worse.

  • One every two weeks for a decade.