Rick W. Perry's War Against Climate Science

This is so wrong, I can't even describe how totally and utterly wrong this Rick Perry quote is:

“I think we’re seeing it almost weekly or even daily, scientists who are coming forward and questioning the original idea that man-made global warming is what is causing the climate to change.”

I can't even believe this is even a debate. It's fact. It's happening now. We're in the midst of the climate crisis. Look around you, Rick W. Perry, you gomer.

And, in fact, science continues amplify the danger of the climate crisis.

Much of the climate science that’s been published since 2007 appears to have strengthened the consensus, not weakened it. A report published last May by Britain’s Met Office, looking at more than 100 peer-reviewed post-IPCC studies, found that the case for human influence has been bolstered: “We can say with a very high significance level that the effects we see in the climate cannot be attributed to any other forcings.”

Similarly, at last year’s annual American Association for the Advancement of Science meeting, UC Santa Barbara’s William Freudenberg gave a presentation finding that, “New scientific findings are found to be more than twenty times as likely to indicate that global climate disruption is “worse than previously expected,” rather than “not as bad as previously expected.” ”

I really hope Perry is getting political briefings that are as sound as his science briefings.

  • These assholes talk whatever shit they think will get their name in the papers, whatever they think their “base” wants to hear. The idea that it might not actually be true, that they might actually be called upon to back up their claims doesn’t even enter into their thinking, such as it is.

    I used to ask, “What are these people thinking?” However, more and more, the better question is, “Are these people thinking?” All too often–and nearly always in the case of what passes for Republicans these days–the answer is, clearly, “No.”

  • D_C_Wilson

    Pshaw. Even if global warming turns out to be real, Perry will just pray to Jeebus to fix it. After all, it worked so well to end Texas’ drought.

  • Dan_in_DE

    Lol @ hissing cockroach… fuck yeah!

  • Clancy

    Naturally, the representatives of the news media present when he uttered such bullshit immediately leaped to their feet and challenged Governor Perry to produce the names of the scientists who are coming forward weekly, if not daily, to challenge man-made global warming, right?

    The reason these buffoons get away with this crap is because the media thinks its job is that of a stenographer. Without a vigorous fourth estate, the only ones calling out idiots like Perry are bloggers. . . who naturally hold huge sway over our nation’s media narratives and practices.

    • Truer words are seldom spoken. Why isn’t the media the fact checker and followup question asker to these jokers? How many times do you see a news conference, a debate or a Q&A of any sort where one of the clowns spout out some crap and someone actually call them on it? Not often enough, if ever. Of course, if they did, morons like the Alaskan Quitter would drop some “lame stream media” quip. We need some journalists and newspeople to actually question what these people say and not be afraid of them or afraid of the fox noise watching basement dwellers to call them “left wing” on their blogs.

    • muselet

      I like the thought of our wonderful news media actually, you know, doing their job, but it’s more complicated than that.

      Piss off enough of the powerful and well-connected and a reporter will find phone calls going unanswered and requests for interviews being denied. Since nobody goes to J-school to spend a career writing obits in the local bird-cage liner, reporters play safe—the ballsy ones ask a hard question now and then, but only now and then.

      And since the average political reporter knows slightly less about climate science than does the average Madagascar hissing cockroach, even ballsy ones have no idea what questions to ask.


  • I’d like him to back up his statement with provable evidence. Come on, Rick. Show me all the articles and names all the scientists that are coming forward almost daily questioning climate change.

    Are they the same ones who told you abstinence programs work?

    • Dan_in_DE

      It would be a perfectly reasonable statement, if instead of the word Scientist, you filled it in as follows, “hyuck- hyuck, well, it seems to me, it’s almost weekly or even daily, some yokel comes forward questioning the work of climate scientists, and the media goes ahead and defers to him as if if he were merely representing ‘one side’ of the argument.

      • Prof. Cole should be in charge of our media. We might actually hear some truth now and again.

        The comment section does not seek any sort of artificial two-sides-of-a-story “balance” at all, and no critiques of lack of such “balance” on these pages will be entertained. This sort of “balance” would require that the allegation that cigarette smoking causes lung cancer be offset with a denial of this simple and well-established fact. This pernicious game played is not played here. A variety of points of view is all to the good, but a mere opinion not backed up by facts, reasoning or analysis is unlikely to get through. Moreover, not all points of view are valuable.


  • If half his state being on fire earlier this year doesn’t register with him doubt any amount of words has a chance.