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Written by JM Ashby

(Cartoonist - Mike Luckovich)

In other news, Death Valley hit 130 degrees Fahrenheit yesterday afternoon in what may be a new worldwide record for the hottest place on Earth. I'm sure this is fine!

Meanwhile, Trump is floating a pardon for former NSA contractor and Russian defector Edward Snowden, but Snowden hasn't actually been convicted of anything so he can't be pardoned. There's nothing to pardon, at least not yet.

Finally, the Trump regime massively overpaid for ventilators that the Obama administration had secured for far less money.

Citing “evidence of fraud, waste, and abuse,” a congressional subcommittee investigating the federal government’s purchase of $646.7 million worth of Philips ventilators has asked the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General to launch its own investigation of the deal.

The House subcommittee launched its review after ProPublica stories in March and April showed how a U.S. subsidiary of Royal Philips N.V. received millions in federal tax dollars years ago to develop a low-cost ventilator for pandemics but didn’t deliver it. Instead, as the coronavirus began spreading around the globe and U.S. hospitals were desperate for more, Philips was selling commercial versions of the government-funded ventilator overseas from its Pennsylvania factory. Then in April, despite having not fulfilled the initial contract, the Dutch company struck a much more lucrative deal to sell the government 43,000 ventilators for four times the price.

Under this new deal, ventilators that the Obama administration had agreed to buy for $3,280 each suddenly cost $15,000. When the deal was announced in April, neither HHS nor Philips would say how the more expensive ventilators differed from the cheaper ones.

Is this what it means to run the government "like a business?"

  • Christopher Foxx

    Is this what it means to run the government “like a business?”

    Like a Trump-run business? Absolutely.

  • Jado

  • Kevin Krasnansky

    but Snowden hasn’t actually been convicted of anything so he can’t be pardoned.

    You don’t have to have been convicted to be pardoned for a federal crime. Some states require conviction before pardon, but not the feds.

    • Christopher Foxx

      Yeah. Remember when Ford was unable to pardon Nixon?

  • Aynwrong

    When I first saw the “Death Valley cooks” my first thought was “There are chefs in Death Valley?” Because sometimes I’m a dumbass. LOL. When I saw what the story was my first thought was of Mark Meadows, the man who keeps sanity as at bay for the Trump White House, who just stated that there is no evidence that voter fraud is NOT happening, yet no amount of evidence will ever be enough to get these whores to admit that climate change is real, happening, man made, a threat and requires government action.

    Turns out that a community organizer is a far better businessman than Donny Dipshit Deals and I’m not the least bit surprised.