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RNC Honors The Good Ones For Black History Month

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus and Co-Chairman Sharon Day released a statement reminding their constituents to look both ways this month before telling their favorite Black History Month joke.

The statement reads as follows:

“Today marks the beginning of Black History Month, a time to celebrate the influence of African Americans in every aspect of our country’s life. Throughout the month, Republicans will honor black history and pay tribute to the impact that generations of African Americans have had on our nation and our Party,” said Chairman Priebus.

“As chairman, I’m particularly mindful of the many African Americans who have shaped our Party—from its earliest days as a small group of abolitionists through today. We remember individuals like the great reformer and orator Frederick Douglass and the first black congressman Hiram Revels, and we celebrate today’s leaders like Condoleezza Rice, the first black female Secretary of State, and Senator Tim Scott, the first black Senator from the South in over a century.”

“During Black History Month, we remember our past as we look to build the future,” said Co-Chairman Sharon Day. “The Party continues to stand proudly on the principles of individual freedom and equal opportunity for all, which have guided us from our earliest days. But we do recognize we must strive to build stronger relationships in the black community. That’s why we’ve made a commitment to having a presence where people live, work, and worship. It’s our opportunity to listen to voter concerns and share our hearts and ideas.”

Having to go back 150 years to claim Frederick Douglass and Hiram Revels means Republicans now own Frederick Douglass and Hiram Revels outright. And since they can’t talk back to today’s Republicans, all the better. Are you listening Colin Powell?

So, not only do they have Frederick Douglass and Hiram Revels “working” for them, they’ve got Condoleezza Rice and Tim Scott– “the first black Senator from the South in over a century.”


And to help champion that progress, RNC Co-Chair Sharon Day calls on all of us to proudly remember the past during Black History Month, “as we look to build the future,” when “individual freedom and equal opportunity for all” guided our early principles.

Republicans recognize that they have to build stronger relationships in the black community, sure, and the best way for them to do that is to show up at your home, work, school, and places of worship to get in your face. That, and continuing their attacks on the first African American president who gets no honorable mention from the RNC in its ongoing whitewashing deconstruction era of American history.

Leave it to Republicans to turn Black History Month into a divisive, partisan, racist dog-whistle to showcase their innate aversion to decency and reality.

Full-steam ahead toward the 20th century!

  • joseph2004

    While complaining about Barack Obama being left out of the RNC statement above, Brink casually does his progressive best to write people like Condoleezza Rice and other Conservative African Americans out of Black History altogether. They don’t count, because they’re Conservative. They aren’t following the narrative, after all. They aren’t (and you’ve heard it before) on the Democratic plantation where they belong. They are, to paraphrase Jesse Jackson on the subject, not true African Americans.
    That’s the message from the Progressive Left in this country. Amazing you guys think you’re promoting racial harmony. Just amazing.

    • 1933john

      Dear joe,
      You need to get yourself a new football
      to fornicate on the Chapel Steps at High
      Noon on Wednesday Next.
      That might help clear the conservative
      fecal matter out of your head, but I
      have my doubts as it is obvious to the
      most casual observer that you seem to
      have a case of terminal Shithead.
      Of course, if you are a shill, scratch
      shithead, and make that a common
      garden variety anus.

    • mrbrink

      De camptown ladies?

      If a great majority of African Americans, or people in your 47%-are-moochers category disagreed with me the way they disagree with you, I’d think I was doing something terribly wrong. I would wash it out immediately. Not you, you’re a numbers man. 1-2-4-5 Condoleezza Rice.

      I’m demanding you release Frederick Douglass to the world from whatever mental chain gang in wingnut heaven you people have assigned him to.

      • Lady Willpower

        The same one that lets them claim MLK as one of their own.

    • Victor_the_Crab

      And your side is the one enacting voter registration laws in red states in an effort to keep African Americans from voting, joeycrudnuggets.

      Amazing that you can come here and try to polish your turds in front of us. Just amazing.

  • Nefercat

    I wonder if fox will ignore this inconvenient press release (maybe the rnc is counting on fox to do so). And if not, I wonder if the comments from the base will be quite as perkily supportive of African-American contributions to this country as the press release is?

  • zirgar

    Black History Month, that horrible month long reminder that right-wingers failed to make blacks history.

  • muselet

    I’m not surprised the GOP would put out a tone-deaf, “Yay, Republicans!” statement on Black History Month. I’m not even surprised that the statement went out in the names of two of the whitest people on the face of the planet.

    I am surprised neither Reince Priebus or Sharon Day played every Righty’s favorite tune on the Wingnut Wurlitzer: the “Democrats Created the KKK” song. Someone at the RNC will get fired for that oversight.

    Shameless, they are.


  • Nefercat

    Nicely done, RNC. Blather on about the party. Not great Americans in general. So you could stop after Condi and before You-Know-Who.

    I’m getting tired of today’s republicans claiming to be the party of Lincoln, etc. Today’s republicans are anything but the party of Lincoln.