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Roger Stone Sentenced to Federal Prison

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

Although the end of Roger Stone's trial was marked by the departure of the federal prosecutors who oversaw it because they disagreed with a last-minute change in sentencing guidelines, U.S. District Court Judge Amy Berman Jackson sentenced Trump's lifelong henchman to over three year in federal prison this morning.

Announcing her decision, Judge Jackson read Stone for trash and reminded the court that Stone once literally placed a target on her head on social media.

Jackson angrily denied that Stone was being punished for his politics or his allies. “He was not prosecuted, as some have claimed, for standing up for the president. He was prosecuted for covering up for the president,” she said.

She said during the hearing that Stone’s use of social media to stoke public sentiment against the prosecution and the court was intended to reach a wide audience, including using a photo of Jackson with crosshairs superimposed.

“This is intolerable to the administration of justice,” Jackson said.

Likely understanding that Trump could pardon or otherwise commute Stone's sentence, Judge Jackson also pointed out that Stone was charged and convicted for lying to Congress while Congress was completely controlled by Republicans, not Democrats.

Stone will not immediately report to prison while his request for a new trial is pending, but Judge Jackson will also decide if Stone will be granted a new trial so it's not clear how likely that is.

  • Badgerite

    Hard to fathom some of these people. Like Manafort and his ‘austrich feathered’ jacket, etc. Did that really make his own life better let alone anyone else’s. To sell himself and his country out to some Russian mobster and Putin and then end up so heavily in debt and a convicted felon that he may as well not have bothered anyway. Even if the POS drops a pardon on both which I am sure he will ( does the sun come up in the morning?) it does not erase the conviction in terms of what he has been found guilty of.
    A pardon is not an acquittal. Not even close. It is the short circuiting for political ends of a legal determination by a jury of his peers. We the people, in fact. At trial, you don’t get a jury of political operatives. Maybe Bill Barr would like to ‘look into that’.

  • muselet

    On the one hand, this is good news. Roger Stone is a loathsome creature, but Amy Berman Jackson was probably correct that 40 months in prison, plus probation (including community service, which could be hilarious) and a $20,000 fine was sufficient punishment. Not that Stone is likely to learn anything from this experience, mind.

    On the other hand, Donald Trump has said he hasn’t given “any thought” to pardoning Stone, which means he’s hardly thought of anything else for weeks.

    Stone will likely be pardoned long before the November election, but I choose to savor this moment for as long as it lasts.