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Ron Paul’s Healthcare System

Artist - Jen Sorensen

In other news, the SEC is considering filing charges against S&P's parent company McGraw-Hill for violating federal securities law, and according to the Michigan Messenger, the private prison inmate population in the U.S. has grown 37 percent since 2002 while lobbying on behalf of the private prison system has grown 165 percent.

Also -- a cartoon double-feature tonight.

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Great game.

  • Why does John Stewart continue to put Ron Paul on and treat him like he is sane?

    • Jimmy, John treats everyone like their sane. He gives pretty respectful interviews considering the level of douchery going on in the general MSM. I admire Stewarts ability to ask good probing questions while at the same time avoid being obnoxious. In re: to Paul in particular, I think Stewart admires his consistency. Say what you will about Paul, but his crazy never wavers.

      • I do admire how he does an interview, but I have seen him challenge harder on someone who says less crazy things. There were many things said (one being: “free market” has proven to regulate better than government) which are not true or unproven, at best. Consistency is one thing, but wrong/crazy consistency should not be treated as sane consistency.

        It should be noted that, as you say, “his crazy never wavers.” Some of the things said were just crazy, specifically when he went off on the tangent about not closing down schools that teach Communism, The Fed (oh my!!), etc…as if learning about these things are heinous acts.

        • I agree that Paul’s statements are downright inaccurate but Jon does call him on most of them….there may be actually too many to call him on ALL of them though. For example, you say that Jon said nothing in response to the “free market has proven to regulate better than the government” but that’s not true. Stewart said, are you saying that because the govt is imperfect at regulation it shouldn’t do it at all? He also pointed out that we have tried unregulated healthcare, that’s what we had in the 1800’s and it didn’t work. Ultimately, I don’t think Stewart did too bad a job with Paul IF you watch the extended interview.

          Did you watch the show in TV or on the web? I watched extended version on the web and wrote an extensive post about it on my blog.

          • I did see/listen to the extended portion early this morning while getting ready for work – so, not paying 100% attention. I do agree that JS made the statements you said, but (my memory shoddy) they were part of the question where RP responded with those for his “proof.” I do agree there was a good dialoge that JS came out on the “sane side” of the debate . But there were some things that were not addressed directly, that I thought were downright wrong/inaccurate…but, as you said, with Paul, it is just too hard to get all of them…and then my relatives and in-laws recite that stuff as fact (that is my real annoyance with the whole situation – ugh)!

          • My family is the same way and I just divorced a Paul fan, so I REALLY feel your pain.

  • mrbrink

    I’ve been hearing some grumblings about Republican voters who are dissatisfied with their candidates right now.

    Hilarious– from the conservative political cult who brought us George W. Bush and tried to do the same with Sarah Palin in 2008.

    They should be more than pleased with their current choices. This is the intellectual product of GOP conservatism on full display. The end product of movement conservatism still manipulating the marketplace of ideas. These are the home schooled graduate students of their powerful conservative forebears and Glenn Beck colleges with the whole of history, corporate treasury, and right wing media machine in which to draw their coward’s strength.

    To conservative Republicans, it’s never going to be the shitty, generally unpopular product that’s defective, it’s always their pitchmen, or a liberal media conspiracy. They’re not selling conservatism right! More hair! More smiles! More charm! Did we say more hair? We need better candidates!

    Never better ideas.

    But a lot of this has to do with the consistent quality of President Obama’s general goods and I find it funny that those goods that Republicans have poisoned and sabotaged are still a far better option than any GOP front runner candidate– real or imagined– and they all have to pretend they could do better than damaged goods.

    Tough sell for anyone in a fact-based world.