Trump Regime

‘Ron Vara’ is On The Case

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

Peter Navarro is technically Trump's top trade adviser, but he has apparently taken on another job during his time in the White House: anonymous hunter.

Navarro appeared on CNN this morning where he confirmed that he's been hunting the author of an anonymous New York Times op-ed that claimed to be protecting the nation from Trump's worst impulses.

That person may or may not actually exist, but Navarro is on the case.

On CNN’s New Day Friday, Navarro said it’s a “vocation” and that there are “suspects everywhere.”

His amateur sleuthing has already cost one official her job, as Victoria Coates left the National Security Council for the Department of Energy.

Though the book publishers insisted that Coates was not the author, Navarro’s suspicion was enough to make her job at the NSC untenable.

The anonymous White House official protecting us all from Trump probably doesn't exist or is already long gone, but there's another anonymous author in the White House who does exit.

Ron Vara.

Peter Navarro has long claimed that he sought advice from a successful Wall Street investor and college professional on matters such as trade policy toward China -- a person who published anti-Chinese racism under the name Ron Vara -- but it was revealed last fall that Navarro's adviser is actually himself.

How do we know Navarro isn't the anonymous New York Times author? He seems to have a taste for fiction. And it's a "vocation," he says, and what better way to provide cover for yourself than to take on the mantle of being the anonymous hunter?

The Trump regime is a clownshow.

  • muselet

    Peter Navarro is helping Donald Trump chase people who are competent out of government, full stop. He doesn’t actually care who the author of that op-ed was, except that his hunt for the white whale proves his allegiance to Trump. All that matters to Trump is that his lickspittles infest the federal government from top to bottom.

    The next president is going to have a time crowbarring Trumpists out of the offices they’re unqualified to occupy.


    • Christopher Foxx

      Nah. Once Trump is out they’ll all run from the sinking ship, yelling all the way “It wasn’t me!”

      • muselet

        I wish I believed that.

        If history is any guide, they will proclaim their innocence, but they won’t leave voluntarily. In fact, they’ll take full advantage of the same laws and regulations protecting government employees from unjustified firings that Donald Trump is so eager to eliminate, and tie up what should be routine personnel decisions in court for years.

        And if/when they are removed, they will become permanent guests on FNC, bewailing the mean ol’ Democrats and their purity purges.


        • Badgerite

          Bingo. That’s pretty much the gop in a nutshell.